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Hi to all!
If anyone is interested in an article on research into 'chemobrain', try out the website for CURE magazine that the CSN Community Manager has given in the latest e-mail (home messages)notification.
I found it most interesting that enough women have complained until actural research has started.
I hope this day finds each of you feeling better. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs, Brenda

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Hi Brenda, do you still have that website?would love to read about chemobrain as I still have it. about time they are researching it. LOVE, HUGS AND PRAYERS---Flo

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Hi Brenda,

I don't think we get chemobrain. I think it is the result of stress and too much on one's mind = overload.

When I was away for the month's vacation and it was very important to keep track of lots because I was alone, I never misplaced anything - never forgot anything I had to do. I think concentration is the big thing.

However 'they' say as one gets older, a person can't multi-task as when younger.

Just my thoughts for a friday evening!! :-)
Hugs, Jean

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Women who are younger get hit with chemo allot harder than women in their 55-80 range because we are suppose to be healthier at 20-40. I am sorry Jean but it is time that people wake up and see they are doing things they never had to do before like treat 22 year olds. In young women it is more agressive and more life threatening until the cancer mastisizes in older women. Please people open your minds it is a problems and not only that I still don't see very well and that too is part of it.

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I'm now always interested in research articles. Do you have the website address?

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Hi Georgeann,
Here is the web address for the Cure Today publication:
It's kind of long, but I got this off the message from CSN. I pulled it up and if you go under "subscribe" you can sign up for a free subscription.
Love Jayne

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Many thanks for the URL. It will be part of my reading for tomorrow.

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I have to admit that most of the problems I have been having in the past year are downplayed just like the chemo brain. Yet I was so fortunate to find out there are woman like myself out there on sites like these. Isn't it funny but I think some of us out here, because of the experiences we have had, are the ones that are the studies. What I mean is if we didn't ***** complain and moan they would have us all in the dark about everything all in the name of science and knowledge. It still angers me to hear when women are going through chemo the doctor always says to stop taking everything you have been taking. LIKE immune boosting herbs, natural therapies and some common sense so they can have us apart of the constant study that goes on called Chemo Therapy. They want to know it is the chemo that is doing it when in fact we don't care what does it as long as it is working.
Just a thought that drives me nuts knowing that cancer is one big study...

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