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throat cancer

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I need t ospeak with someone going through recovery of throat cancer. The not being able to eat and missing it, that kind of stuff.

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Have you heard of the proceedure esophageal dilation?

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It has been 15 months since treatment ended(Chemo and Radiation) and I am only now able to eat chunky soups and Insure shakes--I cope with it by having gratitude for being alive and considering what the alternative was. Jimman

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I finished up radiation in early November and still have great difficulty swallowing. The plus was that I had a much needed weight loss. I think the most difficult part is missing out on the pleasure of dining out with friends or with my wife and being able to cook for myself and my family.

A friend of mine whose a nurse recommeded that I see speech-language therapist to get some physical therapy. I'm going to discuss that with my ENT dr next week. Hang in there--it's a tough battle and I know that I'm tired of pouring Ensure in my G-tube. I'm sure however that it will get better. I'm just grateful that the cancer seems to be gone.

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maybe you can shed some light for me my mom had throat cancer - never had her trac out due to the fact she thought she would choke to death. still has her stomach tube in she has not eating regular food for over six months or has had anything to drink..she is in such a state of depression ... she is currently in a rehab nursing home and no one seems to want to do anything. she weighs almost nothing. she was very thin to begin with. Its very sad to watch. Thank good at this point I am glad the cancer is gone. But my mom was a women always on the go. Its a shame the cure is killing her. Any resources you can recommend would be greatly appreciated. We life in Brooklyn, New York

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My husband is recovering from throat cancer and has said he misses eating too. Do you have a PEG tube for eating? What kind of treatment did you have?

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