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PET scan results for Carolyn

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Hi everyone,
Terrific news! I heard yesterday from my onc. that the PET scan was negative, meaning the nodule in my right lung is not malignant.
That's the best news thats been given to me after any tests.
Have had bad results begining with BC in Jan.02 (lumpectomy) and then lung cancer in April 02(left upper lobe removed). Maybe the second half of this year will be better.
Will have to live with getting a CT scan every 3 months. Guess I can't do more than taking it one day at a time.
I would like to thank everyone who reponded to my recent post. Thank you for your caring support and prayers.

Hugs from Carolyn

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I have been waiting to hear from you! GREAT NEWS! Now you can breathe again.

Go and do something FUN!


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Congrats Carolyn. There is a chat room group that you may be interested in. It is on MSN Chat under health and medicine. The name of the room is Real Cancer Support. There is someone there almost 24/7. I go there daily for and to offer support.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Survivor 08/14/00

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