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Thanks guys for the well wishes on my upcoming c-section on Thursday. THURSDAY...Oh My.... I am actually getting pretty nervous, hoping everything goes ok and that my body is ready for surgery. I will message you all when I am able. I will still continue to pray for each and everyone of you. Till next time.....
Love, Angel

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Joined: Mar 2001

Hi Angel,

Just wanted you to know I lift you and your unborn son up in prayer everyday. What a miracle you are about to witness on Thursday. The angels will be there to hold your hand and the hand of your doctor. Just believe.

God Bless,

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Take care of yourself this week and enjoy the last of your freedom. I am sure you are looking forward to having the wee one in your arms and filling them with all that love. Best to you and yours,

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Angel, I'm so excited for you. everything will go just fine. I will keep you and your son in my prayers . Just think something beautiful after all you have gone through..best wishes and God Bless!! Karin

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Best wishes to you and the little one, the time has gone by so fast. Soon you will hold a new bundle of joy. You have great courage to go through all these difficulties. Stay strong, we will be thinking of you. God bless you. Hugs and lots of love...Emmi

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Best wishes, and let us know what it's like to hold that precious child for the first time!!! My prayers are with you! God bless, Cyndi

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