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am i a survivor?

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I was diagnosed in Jan 02 with breast cancer...After my 3rd treatment, I wanted to know what the success rates of chemo/radiation really were, how long are people really surviving? Studies only give you percentages based on 5yrs...I have 3 children that I would like to see grown up..5 yrs won't cut it! I need some answers, some sign of hope.

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hi charli,

i was diagnosed in Dec. and i have a 7 mo. old son. one thing that i've learned already is that i don't care what the "studies" or stats say. i have my baby to care for and i have today. try not to dwell too much on the "how longs" but on the "todays". and i'm always here to listen. you can write me here or at vjc5199@msn.com. hope i've helped a little. vicki

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Welcome Charli,

My only advice for you is to concentrate on getting well and living for your children. It doesn't matter what the statistics say - you are not a statistic. In my case, the percentage of my survival is only 12%. Those aren't good odds, but I'm still here almost 4 years later and doing very well. For myself, I concentrated on getting better and beating the odds and I did. I'm not a statistic, I'm a human being and so are you. Each of us is unique. There are plenty of us out there beating the odds each day. You will meet many of them on this site. Just determine you want to be one of them too. Medicine isn't an exact science. That can be bad and that can be good. Just because one thing works for someone else, doesn't mean it will work the exact same way for you. Keep a postive attitude. Is that always easy? No, but it is vital. I know you are looking for answers, but sometimes answers aren't always available. Determine to fight a good fight and that you will win! We are all here for you and want to cheer each success and cry with you during any defeats. Hopefully, we will all be cheering!!

God Bless,

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i was diagnosed in Dec. and i have a 7 mo. old son. one thing i've learned already is not to worry about what the "studies" or stats say. i have my baby to care for and i have today. try not to dwell on the "how longs" but the "todays". i'm a good listener!

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Glad you found this place to lay all you feel out. It is time to face your fears and let it go. We all know that this is a very difficult time and often times the more we know the harder it is. All we have to do is look around at the personal web pages of supporters here to know that everyone is different and no two seem to go through the very same things. It is nice to know the therapies are becoming more geared to each personal case since we are so different and the cancers we face can be as well, different stages, kinds and speeds of spreading.
One must feel the survivor in us and take the time to stop and see the beauty around us. We all have so much to be grateful for even though we are faced with so much. Amazing really isn't it. Life is, what it is.
Be good to yourself,

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Hi Charli, I am a bit older (58) and I start chemo on thursday, again. I was diagnosed in Feb.02 with BC for the 2 nd time. I AM A SURVIVOR and so are you. Statistics mean nothing , according to that I should not have BC. Here I am twice. The first time in 98. I am alive and doing fine even with the thought of chemo again, but these are the treatments we have today. I am grateful the BC was found and I can do something about it. I hope you will too. Do not give up, keep positive and think of your children, they need you. This site is wonderful, we are all survivors. In life there are no guarantees, we have to deal with whatever is given to us, no matter how hard it may be. Do what you can to feel better about yourself, take care of yourself and enjoy each day with your children, it will be hard in the beginning because you are going thru treatment and don't feel all to well, but it will get better. If you want to e-mail me you can here at this site or you can reach me at charmin@froggernet.com.
God bless you, I will keep you in my prayers.

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Hi. Try not to dwell on the success or failure rates that the studies throw at us. I asked my oncologist about that myself once and he said 'means nothing'. Now, I make it a point to change the channel or not pick up the magazine that tell me what my 'odds' are. One person knows my odds, and it's not me. So, with that in mind, I am just thankful for every day that I get. I just try to stay positive. By the way, speaking of statistics, there is no history of BC in my family, I was 29 when I was dx, and have no risk factors ... according to stats, I should have never gotten it ... I figure I can and will beat any stat that says I can't beat the cancer for more than 5 years. Stay strong. We are all here for you. Angie

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You are not dead. So you are a survivor. There are no stats that will tell us how long we have. We could have 30 years of no cancer but get hit with a car in 6 months. It is hard with small children. You fear for them more than for yourself. There is hope. Each day, month or year we survive allows us to take advantage of the advances they are making. Even 3 years ago, your chances would not be as good as they are now because of what they are finding out. Hang in there. You will get through this. And when your teenagers are driving you crazy - count your blessings. If you ever want to chat to a bunch of survivors come to www.cancersurvivor.com.

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Yes you are. I was diagnosed 5 yrs. ago and I am still going strong. 2 yrs ago it came back in my liver and I am still on chemo. I do know the fears you have about your kids. I have a 10 yr. old daughter at home. But you just take it one day at a time. If you want to talk feel free to e-mail me at evansj22@bellsouth.net Judy

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Dear Charli
Well i tell you.. i took 35 radiation treatments to increase my chances by only 14%... but to me.it was worth it.. there is NO garentees on life one way or the other.. I work at local school distict and we have lost 3-- 16 year students this year alone... two in tragic car accidents and one to kidney failure....so at the risk of repeating myself -life offers no warrenty ! I have a 90% chance of a 3rd recurrance in next 5 years... but i just live for today and hope i see my youngest graduation HS in two years.. . you sign of hope is in every day you wake up and see the sun... in each and every rain shower and puddle that you can jump in... the green in the trees...and the moon in the night sky... the smile on your kids faces..... and each and every tear you are still alive to cry!!

email if you want -we can talk at length - ribbitfrog13@icqmail.com
God bless and keep you --Jerilyn ( i will be done with 18 months of chemo in july and i plan on having a big party)

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