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What is this?!?!?

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Hi all....as you may have seen in an earlier post, I had my first post-tx mammo last week. The radiation onc & surgeon both called the next day to say it was benign. I saw the surgeon today, and he said everything looks good. Then I get home and get the m ail, and the "layman's terms" description of my mammo was in there. It says there is an area that is "probably benign." Probably?!?!? What is that? Has anyone else had it described that way? I'm calling the radiation onc tomorrow for peace of mind. Just when you're feeling so good that things are going so well, they have to say probably benign. Well, that's "probably" a poor choice of wording as far as I'm concerned! Than ks for letting me vent! Cyndi

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I get this every time because of what radiation did to my ribs. they can't be absolutely sure so they either have to do a biopsy or just keep a close check on it.

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I get this every time because of what radiation did to my ribs. they can't be absolutely sure so they either have to do a biopsy or just keep a close check on it.

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I'm interested in what radiation did to your ribs - the doctors give so many assurances that POSSIBLE side effects won't happen to the patient they are at the moment talking to!

Do you have any symptoms in addition to something on the x-ray.

Thanks - only if you want to answer with details.


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Hi, I hope I am talking to the right person! I have had costochondritis ( an inflammation of the tissue between the ribs and the chest wall) ever since I finished radiation. I also got "soft bones" and have two broken ribs on that side. No one told me anything about these side effects, I found all this info on the boards. If you want to talk more, just e-mail me. Hugs & Kisses, Shirlann

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I am glad that you will be in contact with them to find out what they mean. "Probably" isn't good enough in the world of breast cancer. They told me less than 10% chance but I still had it. Good for you make sure you know what it is and make them be clearer.
Keep on top of it,

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Hi Cyndi, you are right to keep on top of it, have the onc. make it clear. "probably" is NOT good enough. Take care.
Emmi (banker)

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Hi Cyndi, In 1995 I had a mammo done, found a very small spot, had it rechecked in 6 mo, no change so DR. SAID NOT TO WORRY,re-check in 1 yr.each time yr. after yr, no change, probably benign, 2002 Jan. 15 biopsy done by a different DR.cancer, very small, but infiltrating ductal, with some low grade cribformin situ, had left breast removed and am now taking chemo, and don't have any hair.
I told the Dr. I don't like the word probably, he said there is no family history, so I shouldn't worry. that was when I went somewhere else. I went back to him to tell him what had happened, surgery and all, He said,"well you have it taken care of now".
needless to say I walked out and changed Dr's for myself, my husband , and my mom!!!!
I guess what I'm saying here is don't let them get away with PROBABLY, I'M SORRY I DID, AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
sorry this is so long, but, reading your post made me angry again and was venting again lol.....love and GOD Bless you---grandma/FLO
PS. My e-mail add is flopauly@msn.com
write me there if you want to talk.

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that's tough enough but have you had this happen????
my hubby and i thought everything was going well when we went to the onc for a chemo day after recooping from a lumpectomy. he told me that there were still cells in the area and we needed a dbl mast. then he said, "didn't the surgeon call you?" when he called the surg the surg said, "i thought you were going to call her." i'm the one who called the onc in the first place to see when we were going to get chemo started again!!!! talk about devastating! after more testing the dbl mast was cancelled because two more places were found---one in my stomach and one on my spine. that was NOT a good day!

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