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Constricted Throat.....Help

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I finished radiation 6 weeks ago(offically 4 wks.) because my doctor told me that the radiation is still peaking for 2 wks. after the last treatment. I had 39 treatments. I'm hooked up with a feeding tube and I've been doing the best i can to start eating...I can handle small amounts and thats about it. My question is can anyone give me some input on how long this constriction or ball in my throat will last? Wednesday I found out I had Trush again. I'm on medication for the next two wks. I'm assuming this is hampering my ability to swallow. I'm just wondering how long it will take and is it normal for it to be uncomfortable at this stage. Thank you in advance.

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Well, first of all congrats on completing your radiation. I know how hard it is to get through that. As far as the ball in your throat, everyone has a different response to that. It is different with every one. I finished my radiation almost two years ago, and I still have a lump in my throat. Some days are better than others. Just hang in there, it will get better. Good luck.


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My husband is in you boat, 2 mos post rasiation. Altho his throat is lee sore, he still has probems swallowing. It frustrates him. Has started eating soup with small pieces like split pea. I try to talk him into taking smaller bits and chewing well but you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Dry mouth and no saliva doesn,t help. Have tried suggested aids for dry mouth but they don't seem to work. As my old physical therapy teacher said "Time heals all things, but time takes its own good time."
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Hang in there.

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Just wondering if your husband is doing better at eating? My husband has just completed 40 radiation treatments to the neck and throat area as of JUly 10th. He is still on the feeding tube and trying to eat soft foods such as puddings, eggs, yogarts etc. Is your husband doing better at eating? How are you hanging in there? As a caregiver it gets tuff too? Will we all go out and eat again? Help, candy

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