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After Lung Cancer Surgery

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I had surgery on Dec. 20, the entire left lung was removed. Now I am going to physio for frozen shoulder, and I also have a lot of neuralgia type pain in my left breast and in the area from the incission and towards the front. Has anyone had this type of experience, is it normal and what have you done for it

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Hi dolphins:
Yes I have had some of the symptoms also. I have pain where the incision is and there are times when I cannot breath. However, your pain is not normal. You need to get with your doctor and if you are not satisfied with his or her response get a second opinion. I need to ask you, are you going through chemo or any type of check ups since your surgery? If not, ask your doctor about getting a PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography). You really need to see if you have any cancer cells within your body. The pain in your left breast could be a sign and since you have already gone through this once, it would be wise to find out what your pain is being caused from. If you dont have an oncologist (cancer doctor) you really need to find one. They would be able to run more extensive test. Hope everything comes out fine. My prayers will be with you.

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to Dophins: New here, just lost the message I typed first. My left upper lobe was removed 12-4-01. Altho I had some sharp pain (nerve I think) in the breast area, it has gotten much better. What persists for me is muscle spasm type pain in the left shoulder, about 2" below surgical wound. The only way I get relief is to lie down on heat, altho I take muscle relaxant and Cellebrex daily. There are longer periods wihout pain but after 5 mos. I feel it should be much better. Doctors are not alarmed about it, however. I also had some weeks of physical therapy.

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I had most of my right lung removed in late October and was in considerable post-surgery pain for about 4 or 5 months. Then it gradually improved. I also had a frozen shoulder and had some physical therapy which helped, though it still hurts when I reach up.
I had had a mastectomy on the same side in June and so the pain I still feel on that side
is complicated by that surgery. All in all, I am not inhibited by the pain I have left. It's not so strong that I can't happily live my live. Good luck. I'm sure your pain will diminish with time.

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My surgery was just March 4. I was having a lot of problems with the same type of pain especially at my breast--it was horrible--and at the incision and around the side. I tried acupuncture 3x and took percocet. The acupuncturist sold me a product called Traumeel which is an analgesic cream. I used this and bought sport bras or front hook bras. I also stopped the prescription and just relied on Ibuprofen. Since your surgery was that long ago, I would wait another month at the most and then ask your doctor to recommend a pain management doctor. My surgeon suggested I keep this in mind. My pain is better from far from gone. I want to wait at least until September. My surgeon indicated that lingering pain can be nerve endings and he explained something about a nerve that is under a muscle in the region where the surgery was done that could be causing the problem. A pain management specialist would actually inject alcohol and "kill" the nerve, I think that is what I was told. I am not in a hurry for any more needles. I am a chicken of monumental proportions. My doctor even suggested Bengay. Traumeel is a homeopathic cream and sold by Heel Inc. I don't know where to tell you to buy it. I am looking myself but may be forced to go back to the acupuncturist for it. She was nice but I didn't feel the treatments helped. I have been told I should have gone at least 6x before throwing in the towel.
Good Luck!
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