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At what point am I cosidered a survivor? My diagnosis was in July 2000. Every thing has been done. I just want to live life to the fullest and go on. Never forgetting and wanting to give back.

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Hi, busylady! We have discussed this "date" several times with guest speakers at my support group. A few say after your last treatment, but most have said the date of your operation. That's the date I choose... the operation date. Mine was July 2001, and I consider myself a 9 month survivor. It will be interesting to hear what others have to say about it. Good question!

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Hello BusyLady and all. I believe the moment I was diagnosed, I became a Survivor.I survived "That Day",the tests and biopsies, surgeries,treatments, emotional challenges, days between check-ups that followed. I survived the recurrence to both lungs and sternum,the second round of chemo's and challenges of being bald again, the Birth of a new Baby following all of it and Still SURVIVE..I am proud of me, and celebrate every day of life following that monumental day of change when I was diagnosed. This has been quite a journey and I celebrate every important day as one I have survived despite of cancer. MY best to all of you.I started this journey in 1993---9 years ago.

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Dear Busylady,
Some of us consider ourselves survivors after diagnosis and others after they finish their treatments. I think we are all survivors, if we can survive the waiting of possible cancer, I think this is enough to qualify one as survivor.
My cousin recently passed away from her reoccurrance from this dreaded disease. She had been diagnosed and treated before my diagnosis. I remember my aunt and I talking about how much she had to endure. My aunt's son had been married to her but divorced form many years. Even though they were divorced they had grown children together. My aunt didn't want to call her a survivor and I asked her why? I guess some don't think this is much less living let alone surviving, going through the battle and in fact I reminded her that she was the true survivor because she endured it all. I will be forever grateful for the people who live through cancer with such courage because it gives those who must continue to battle this disease plenty to draw from. Sad as that may seem, there is hope in it, just the same.
Be good to yourself,
Hope you're not too busy that you don't feel like a survivor,

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Dear MaryH.
I considered myself a survivor the moment after my mastectomy was completed - that would make me a 2 week survivor as of today. I'm very proud to alive to say that! CherylF

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