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11 years i had cancer

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its been 11 years i had cancer. i did everything my doctor said i could do. i follow every step day after day i though it would never end and here i am. So please do not think to leave your medicins or quimio or what you are doing. fight and fight and put yourself pretty everyday. i am just starting to learn to use the computer. I am 53 years married for 31 years and have 4 children 1 son and 3 girls. my son is the only one married. I now leave in mexico and arizona i started a group 9 years ago to help other people that have cancer, at the group we try to give people emotional support, we talk to them, we visit them at home or at the hospital, sometimes we get them medicine, because they are mostly people with not enough money, we also, each week, we go to different places to talk about how to try to prevent cancer, how to check yourself and what to do when you think something is wrong.
and i am here if any of you would like to talk.
thank you

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Hi Your story is great.I have had cancer now for 5 years and so far am still kicking. It is great to hear from people like you. It gives the rest of us hope. My naame is Judy and you can e-mail me at evansj22@bellsouth.net Thanks alot Judy

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ii years is the best success story I have heard yet. God bless you. I am very much like you. I am 54 yrs old and have been married 32 years. I have 2 girls. Thet are both married I haVE A 9YR OLD GRANDDAUGHTER AND A NEW BORN GRANDSON. I hope we can keep in touch. I would like to here form you again. Tonie

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What a great woman you are! Thanks for sharing it and giving hope to all of us.

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