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Kickin butt!!

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Joined: Feb 2002

Hi all have been off longer than I thought, lots of new ones have joined us, sorry there is so much sorrow out there.
I finished my 3rd adrimycin/ cytoxin the 11th and wasn't BAD AT ALL. only had to take 3 procrit shots so far, didn't need one this week , so feel I'm kicking butt here.
Also, hubby is doing better, psa is coming down slowly, but down, and his blood count is always good.
See all, GOD is out there watching over us!!!
Thought you all could use a bit of good news for a change. THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS AND KEEP THEM COMING

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Thanks for the good news!! That's great about the procit shots too! Those things hurt ... don't they? My Onco nurse called them stingers. Well ... thanks again for the good news. Jamie

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Joined: Feb 2002

Hi Jamie, yeah the shots hurt, but they sure made me feel better fast. hope you're feeling better. love and GOD BLESS YOU.

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Hi Flo,

Thanks for sharing your good news that you and hubby are holding up well - continued good luck to you both.

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Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you two are making it through this fight for your lives. It must be difficult to see anything positive that could possibly come from both of your fights. I can see it is through your sharing of your experiences that others may learn and see. Kick the *** all the way home you two.
Be good to yourselves,

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Hi Grandma,
Praise the Lord for your good news!!! So glad to hear that you two are doing well.I have been wondering about both of you and you are both in my prayers.Keep on kickin butt and keep us informed on how you are both doing.Your spirt is great.
God Bless

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God bless you two dear people, with so many prayers going up for you, you both will get well! Hugs & Kisses, Shirlann

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Grandma,,its wonderful to hear all is going well for you. I am keeping you in my prayers as with your husband. You two keep kicking BUTT !!! God Bless...karin

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