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hot flashes

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Can someone give advice. I've been on zoloft for hot flashes for about 7 months. Thought they were pretty much under control but they started getting bad again about 2 weeks ago. What else can I ask for? Or does anyone have any good ideas to try. Would appreciate your advice. I'm 53 and the chemo put me into menopause.

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Hi there! I take zoloft more for a depression, but my ob/gyn put me on a clondine patch for hot flashes. I'm 24 and just had a hysterectomy so am in surgical menopause. The chemo never did it, just made me irregular. Hope this info helps!


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I had a total hysterectomy the same day I found out I had BC. So, no estrogen. I tried clonodine for about 7 weeks, but stopped when chemo made me so sick I couldn't keep anything down. My hot flashes and night sweats keep me awake half the night. My doctor said I could try one of the soy-based menopause products and vitamin E. I've been taking them for two weeks now, but not much change. However, I've read that it takes several weeks before you notice a change so I will stick with it for awhile. I'll let you know if it helps.

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Hi there!
I'm 35 and have been fighting metastatic breast Ca for 10 years. A part of my current treatment is zoladex which chemically ablates my ovaries so in essence, it puts me into instant menopause. The hot flashes were horrendous. I have finally found relieft by taking Effexor. Like Zoloft, it's used to treat depression and generalized anxiety but Effexor has show promise specifically for those who experience hot flashes because of chemotherapy or other cancer-related treatments. With me, it worked with the first dose. Now if I could only get something to help with my insomnia! :->) Good luck!

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