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Willing to talk to anyone

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Joined: Apr 2002

I am a survivor of ALL and would be willing to talk to anyone that would like to share there experiences as much as i would.

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Joined: Apr 2002

Hi There,

My name is Kathy and I am a single 42 year old profesional women who was diagnosed with ALL on Dec 26, 2001 and hospitalized for 23 days on Dec 27. I am in my third course of chemo therapy, and am currently undergoing prophylactic brain radiation. So far I have tolerated everything well, and stayed upbeat and positive. Although I remain very optimistic that I will beat the ALL, I have found that I am starting to get somewhat depressed - feeling that there is no more joy in life or things to look forward to. All my life I wanted to get married and have children but I haven't met the right person yet and now my hopes for children have been dashed. I would love to talk with anyone who can relate or has had similar feelings/experiences.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, my name is Sandra. I was diagnosed with AML Feb. 21, 2002. I am entering the hopital Tuesday for my third round of chemo. I used to be so upbeat and thankful for everything. Especially after the diagnosis. But I have that the last 2 weeks I am slipping further into depression. I actually wish that I had not caught it in time. That I could have just gone to sleep and I wouldn't care right now! Maybe I am not the person you should be reading!

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Hi Sandra. Everybody has times when they feel down about having been ill. I do still, almost 12 years after having had Leukaemia. I don't think anyone can stay positive and happy 100% of the time. I think the best thing you can do is talk to others who understand what you mean, who can relate to what you're going through. Take care, Tom

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Hi Ford54,
I was diagnosed out of the blue with AML on 12/31/01. I think I am still reeling, emotionally and spiritually, from that news. I had recently moved across country and had just started a new job. Since I got out of the hospital at the end of January, I have been staying with relatives and have not yet returned to work. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi ford54, My name is Danielle and I was diagnosed with ALL on 11/2/01. I am now getting ready to go into the 2 yr maintenance and I can't wait because i hope to go back to school this fall. These 8 months have not been easy but because of my family, friends, faith in God, and my positive attitude--I have been able to cope. I hope to hear from u soon. Danielle Szabo

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Hi Ford54,

I had just completed round 3 of my chemo treatment. Will really love to chat with people who had been through it.

Pls drop me a mail at e_mailchris77@yahoo.com.sg


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