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My husband is 53 and has NSCLC 8cc found in Oct. Hes done chemo that did not work at all and full radiation which has broke up some of tumor. Next they will try a new chemo treatment and he so dreads it. It makes him not eat hes so tired and is in bed all day. So depressed and I don't know what to do to help him at these times. Any sugestions? Hes so affraid he will die soon.

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get him out of that bed, and get another oppinion, if it is nsclc why don't they opporate. go to support groups, saty busy and don't let him give up.

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Hi Sharry,
My dad is 55 and was diagnosed with the same thing on Nov 28. He had radiaton and chemo and had some success as far as tumor shrinkage. But he has had bouts of pneumonia which kept him from having chemo for now 6 weeks. His CT scan he had yesturday showed his tumor has taken over the lung. I have cried all day. I can really sympathize with your situation. My dad has had the same problem as far as not wanting to eat. He's lost 50 lbs in 5 mo. What stage is your husband (3b for dad)? Dad has node involvment but not bone or brain. My mom feels the same frustration as you. She tries to help him by fixing him the foods he wants but then he doesn't feel like eatting. It' s truly hard on everybody. Is there something your husband likes to do tht he can still manage? My dad keeps talking about getting his pontoon boat in the water and fishing. We will be getting it in the water this weekend for him so he can do that.
We just try to keep his spirits up by talking about things he enjoys. He also has lots of visitors lately so that helps.
Mostly, I want you to know, that your not alone. I was wondering how you were handling all of this (other than feeling helpless). I'd love to correspond w/ you since it seems our situations are so similiar.
I will pray for you and your husband.

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dHi Michele, I also have small cell lung cancer ;but I am in remission for now and all I can think of is to go fishing also. There is a sense of pleasure in our minds that lets you get away from the pain and the turmoil of all the treatments. You just want to get away frfom it all and relax. good luck and I'll pray for you. Miker

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I read your message re: your father...my stepfather was diagnosed last year with lung cancer...had left lower lobe removed...node involvement....radiation and chemo...just this past June we have two lesions on brain....more radiation therapy and here we are...wondering what I'm supposed to expect from here on out....he's still on decadron but when he started to be weened off....symptoms of the tumors presented themselves. We go to doc for MRI in a month...on antibiotics now for chest congestion...possibly reoccurence of pneumonitis...I'm wondering what I can expect to happen here in the next few months....any ideas...suggestions...forewarnings to share I would appreciate anything!!!!! Mom and I are hopeful, but wonder if things will change in a split second...Anyone in the same boat out there???? Tracy

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My husband has lung cancer also and the chemo makes him tried and he can't eat either and right now he has lost too much weight and they want to give him a feed tube and he doesn't want that and I know that there are days that he is depressed and the only thing that I can do for him is hold him and give him encouraging words and let him know that I'm there for him through it all and that God loves him.he can't sleep in a bed so he has to sleep in a reclinder. So just keep the faith and be there for husband.

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My lung cancer was discovered in the fall of 1999. I had surgery to remove my right lung upper lobe.Stage one, non small cell. My Doctors have told me that chemo is not very effective on lung cancer. Is there a reason he can't have the surgery? I'm glad I had mine.

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I have non small cell and I've only had six chemo treatments,after my seventh I'll get a cat scan,they still don't know what stage my caner is since on my pet scan my lung took all the rediation they gave me on the IV so they could'nt pinpoint the main tumor or stage my cancer.It seems that I'll be going through surgery also ,do all non smallcell go through surgery?I haven't read one that has had just chemo,but your words that it make you glad you had it makes my day and will be looking forward to fighting this and going through what ever to beat it and become a survivor.Thank you for your words for me their words of encouragement,Good luck and god Bless you.Pancho...

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I am a 58 year old, 10 year double lung cancer survivor.I have been through all the same things your husband is going through.I made it by not gving up.I even had a doctor who told my wife I would not leave the hospital.I think I will outlive him////I had two surgeries (one on each lung,2 months apart.Some times I was so down in the dumps I didnt care if I lived or died.My wife would not let me die.she kept nagging me to get up and stayed on top of my DRs appoitments.To this day I think if I passed away, She would get me out of the bed and get me going again.You cant let him stay in bed.get a second openion.ask for surgery.keep him active.get involved in a support group.find a good church, get involved in a good prayer group.Dont give up, an dont let him give up.Tell him FIGHT DAMIT.Let him know im here if he needs me.Bob Z

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