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I am a nursing student writing a paper on breast cancer,is anyone willing to let me know your type of treatment and how you are doing?

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Sure I was 63 when diagnosed, had a lump on a mammogram at 61 but was told it was not cancer because it was "smooth edged", then, it got larger and was finally diagnosed 3 years ago as "medullary breasr cancer" characterized by "smooth edges". Oh well, I asked for a biopsy and was refused. Good lesson, I should have walked out the door and gone elsewhere. But, I am 3 yrs. 5 mths, no new disease, so I feel lucky. I had my first child at 18, nursed all 3 of my children for a long time. Started periods at 13, went through menopause at 45 without any hormones (I have a huge cancer cluster on my father's side, so opted not to take hormones). I do not drink or smoke. I did everything right and got it anyway! Oh well, best laid plans. I had a lumpectomy and radiation. I have had a complication from the rads called "costochondritis", which is an inflammation of the tissue between the breast and ribs and muscle wall. It is not too bad, once I found out it was not a recurrence. Otherwise, I am fine so far. Since BC is a "systemic" cancer, you are never "cured", no matter how many years go by. But, I have hopes. If you have any questions or need more details, let me know. Best, Shirlann

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Hi. I'm new to treatment. Was diagnosed DCIS in early March. Just had my lumpectomy Thursday. Sentinel node(s) clear, Thank God. Waiting to hear about margins.

Have typed out my pathology from biopsy of you'd like it.

Just had to take all the tape off my bandages as my skin turned to sore dried apricots around the edges and itched terribly but have wrapped breast incisions with gauze so they are still covered. No tape this time.

Will have next doctor appointment Friday. Am very worried about lymphodema since stupidly broke up dog fight seven months ago and had two fingers partially bitten off--same side, dominant hand, of course. Oh well. Talked to lymphodema nurse already and she thinks the problems I've had with my hand, including non-injured fingers turning to trigger fingers, was probably a form of lymphodema to start with. I'm an artist for a living so this is a BIG deal to me.

You can write me at sickoncomp@ntelos.net if you want to know more or if you know of anyone researching lymphodema. I'm more than interested to be involved in that area.


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sure, contact me at lwyates@frognet.net and I will give you anything you want. I have an extensive bio that I present to groups regarding breast cancer, survival and my personal experiences.

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If you give your email some may want to respond to you and ask some questions as well. We all like to help those in school with papers, we feel like we are making a difference

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You will probably be inundated with replies. If there is one sure thing it's that we love to talk. I think we find it cathartic. The best way for you to find out our stories is to look at some of our webpages here on this site. Most of them itemise our treatments. Are you looking at newly diagnosed or those in recurrence or both. Feel free to look up my webpage. I have been fighting this for 21 years now. This is a very special area of medicine & it requires very special people to work in it. Looks as if you might be one of those special persons. Good luck with your paper.

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