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Papillay thyroid cancer

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Hi my name is Marisol. I am twenty-two and I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in October 2001 after a total thyroidectomy was performed to remove a total of three tumors which turned out to be benign (the cancer was found in the gland itself, and not the tumors) (Ironically, a nephrologist noticed the tumors). I also had what appeard to be Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. After the surgery I lost my voice for about a month and had to see a speech therapist in order to get my voice back. Until I got my voice back, my life was a nightmare. Two weeks ago I had the low dose of radioiodine and a scan and have not heard from the doctor yet. In the last six months I have been to the doctor's office so many times that virtually all of my free time, work time and school time revolves around appointments and lab work. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

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Hello Marisol,
I am very impressed with your story. You are brave, and will do well despite the medical outcome. I am in year four of papillary thyroid cancer treatments. Been through surgeries, I-131 treatments, loss of voice, etc. Currently I feel and look great, but never take one day for granted. The doctor appointments become a way of life, and you may have to scale down portions of your life to accommodate this phase. I completed my thesis for a master's degree between treatments. As a single parent, my children are a top priority. We downsized from a nice home to a tiny condo and I took a huge cut in pay in order to get better medical benefits and an employer to hold my position while I'm out during treatments. Bottom line is that your schedule will revolve around your medical needs until you reach a plateau. Just hang in there, as it will get better! I live by the mantra, "This, too, shall pass."
best wishes,

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On Sept 10--'09 I had a Total Thyroidectomy and everything went well, however, they did find a very insignificant 0.3 CM Pappillary Carcinoma, which my Doc said he wasn't going to treat bc it was so small and insignificant. All my margins were clear, thank God. I'm on Levothyroxin, 100mg. I feel ok but I haven't gotten my voice back, which he and everyone says I will. Just have to be patient. I'm sure different ones esperience this too but just would like feedback on others experiencing this and how it's working for you. I will be going to an Endo doc soon to be sure everything is in check there.

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I am in my 9th year post thyroidectomy with ptc. Your voice will return in time. The nerves for the voive run very close to the Thyroid and can be disturbed when it is removed. They can get small cancer tumors with I131. I had several tumors left in me and they are all gome now with no worries as of this year. Just try to be patient with yourself. It takes months to recover, but recover you will!!

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I had my first Surgery and Total thyroidectomy in Feb 2004 - never Lost my voice completely but is is certainly lower and more breathy - I tell everyone my voice is "sexier" with every surgery (I've had 4 now) as of Feb this year - Cancer free - even if this is a short reprieve I enjoy every day of it - minute by minute at times.
Right now I'm going thru Chronic Hives - Alergist and GP are stumped.I'm thinking of consulting a dermatologist or rheumatologist? Get so bad at times I HAVE to go to a walk-in clinic or ER (depending on time of day) as my face, eyes and lips swell and back feels like it is on fire. I feel feverish and experience chills. They push prednisone & hydroxyzine then (literally in an IV) and I can actually feel my face swelling go down. Very scary feeling! - Anyone else had this? What's a girl to do. Been reading all I can on-line. Seems to be more prevelant in females with Thyroid disease and peri-menopausal????? The itching can drive you crazy not to mention the anoyance of constand blotches of red all over.Would love to hear from anyone else who might have had this side effect ARGH. You hang in there because recovery is coming for you!! It is!! - I recommend M D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I have an Endo, Neuro Surgeon , Speech Therapist - it is an AWESOME place to go!

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