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I am experiencing severe lymphedema after my mastectomy one year ago. I have had massage therapy and am now using a lymphedema pump. It is not helping. Does anyone have any other suggestions or remedies?

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That's sad to hear. I'm keeping mine under control with pressure sleeve and glove. Have you tried watching your salt? I keep mine kind of low. My swells up too if I'm tired or use the arm for lugging heavy packages. I would thing that extended massage therapy would help. How many did you have? Debw

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read the book Lymphedema by jeannie But & Gwen White, P.T. and also attend a support group for lymphedema. www.lymphnet.org (support groups) Good Luck, it has helped me alot.

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Hey i hear ya about lymphedema i have it also right from the start. I have been just exercising my arm and messaging it and that seem to be the best for me i did get fited with a sleve but dont like it and i dont think it works. I have also been using a message therapist but that gets expensive.

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