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NSCLC questions - what treatment, where?

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My Mom has been diagnosed of Adenocarcinoma. Her doctor saw only a primary tumor on scans so attempted a lobectomy that was planned to be curative. We had bad luck as the doctor saw more "spots" around the area of the prim. tumor and on her diaphram. The doctor did not resect the tumor - only sampled some of the spots for biopsy. The doc says chemo is her only hope. I am thinking of getting results of the biopsy then getting a second opinion on the whole situation. (The doctor does not seem to offer much advice or hope.) Does anyone have experience in getting a quality/easy second opinion? Should we check in to a major clinic in the US and how would we go about it?
I need some way to help my mom save herself.
I'm guessing it's stage 3 at this point, can we do radiation at the same time as chemo? (We have to wait to talk to the doc at the end of next week about the stage) (this doesn't seem like an emergency for the doc)
What's the schedule like for different treatments?
Thank you,

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Darren just noticed that your Moms cancer is adenocarcinoma which is what I have also. As far as staging I could not get my surgeon and oncologist to agree. Surgeon said 11B and onco said 111A. When I was doing radiation some people were doing chemo and radiation both so I know it can be done. I never got a second opinion and think my family thought I should but I was happy with my doctors. I think anytime you can get to a teaching type cancer center that is your best deal but there are alot of really pro active guys out there. Good luck. Grammy

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Thanks Grammy,
I have already learned a lot from you and this group, (and the additional research that I am doing). I am going to check into a second opinion at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, it's in Buffalo, NY. I hope we can find a good optimistic doc who's not so worried about covering his *** that he doesn't offer much advice or answers.
Hopefully I can help my Mom with her fear of the unknown, and she won't be so overwhelmed and scared and she won't lay down and die.
Thanks again,

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By all means go to a cancer center that does clinical trials, a place that does clinical trials have more options for a cure. Yes they can radiate and chemo at the same time,
they should of done a pet scan on here before they ever opened her up. nsclc is a slower growing that sclc, no time to waste but get your second opinion, please keep i9n mind if you do a clinical trial, it depends what kind of treatmennt originally and how many before you qualify. They gave me 3 types of chemo, I am out of that ball game but not your mama, lokkup ameerican cancer society and gget all your imformation

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