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Dear Nancy & Don,
I am 59 and was diagnosed with GBM in August of 2001 and underwent 6 weeks of radiation in the fall. Currently I am on my third round of chemotherapy with Tamador. My side effects have been minimal, with some slight heartburn. That's it! After undergoing radiation I felt so much better and besides losing some hair (which is growing back now) it has made my quality of life better. I'd like to keep in touch so we can share future progress. Dave

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Hi Dave: I'm new to this cancer site and I have had two surgeries for my brain tumor. I was first diagnosed in May of 1999. My last surgery was in Oct. of 2001. I'm glad to hear about your GBM treatments...mine was a stage 3 Oligo-astrocytoma. I've also had a stage 1 kidney cell carcenoma which I had surgery for in March of 2000. It's been a very busy time for me, too. I had the craniotomy, then radiation, then chemo. It was during some problems with the chemo that they found the kidney problem. So, I can understand your being down in the dumps! I fight fatigue every day...naps and all. I've been given chemo twice...once was PCV for 6 mos. and again this past surgery with the chemo patches. My hair seems to refuse to grow...what can one do? Hang in there and know that you are not alone in these treatments. I take Diazanon for my siezures, 100mg x 4. I'll be around - Mary

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Dear Dave,
my 16yr old daughter (Sabrina) was jsut operated for GBM on Sept 16th, 02 and is now on Tamador. I'm really glad to see you are a survier because they told me that GBM patients survive 9 months and 18 months for children with radiation treatment alone. Did you have any opinions on alternative treatments like Santa Monica from new mexico or gene therpay from Burzynski, what about the Gamma knife? Please write back. My personal email address is eneldo@galleria.ca, thank-you.

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