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chat room

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Hi Everyone,
I too would enjoy a chat room. As some of you already know, whenever I connect to the one on the CSN site, I'm disconnected from the internet in a matter of minutes. I'm not sure what's up, must be a problem with our internet service provider. If anyone has another chat site they use, let me know and I'll check it out to see if I have better luck.
Thanks. Hope everyone has a good week.
Take care. Love-judy

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Hi Judy:
Welcome to the club...I don't visit the chat room often but almost every time I have done so, I've experienced one problem or another. It isn't very user friendly.

Another option for ladies wanting to talk often or at regularly scheduled times, etc. may be AIM. (AOL's instant messenger) It's free. You just go to their website: www.aol.com and you'll see the box for it. Just download it, choose your screen name and you'll be ready to chat. You simply give your screen name to the people with whom you'd like to chat. The program has features which will alert you when people on your "buddy list" are available. Or you can simply arrange a usual time to catch one another. The program will also show you if your buddies are available (online) and you just send your message. It's real time chat.
My son was using it with his friends but I'd not used it. MrsB told me how to set up my own screen name, etc., from his already installed program. It's a great little tool and you can chat privately or create a chat room for several people. Whatever suits your needs at the moment.

It's private, and easy to use. Thought you (or others on this site, looking for a good way to chat) may like to give it a try.

Good Luck,

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Yes, AOL is the instant messenger that I use all the time. I am able to instantly chat with my family and friends. Anyone wanting to chat this way can let me know their screen name and I am usually available.
God Bless - Lucy

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Hello All

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