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Lupron therapy

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We have heard soy products will help with the hotflashes and flushing from lupron therapy..does anyone know how much soy to take..

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Hello, I do not have any information on Lupron, and the hotflashes with that. But I noticed your question, since I am a family supporter of my Dad's prostate ca, and I can tell you that I eat tofu (soy product) and it totally controls my peri-menopausel hotflashes. I eat it a couple times a week, and it works for me. I have been very surprised how well it controls them. If I don't follow that regime, I have extreme flashes , several times a day. You can make smoothies with tofu, or saute with onions/peppers for a sandwich. A nutritionist may have exact info - or someone who deals with alternative soy products for side effects. Just wanted to share with you. L. Marc

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I am a male type person that is going to have radical surgery in the fall. I have been on Lupron for three months now. I have a lot more empathy for my wife and her menopausal time. I have been drinking soy milk now for about three months. Cold it has a more inviting taste than milk. However, I can see no abatement in my hot flashes. I was in the airconditioned Home Depot yesterday ordering a new door and sweating like I had just returned from a run. If the soy milk is working I would not want to be without it. GBY

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Hello, Your post caught my attention. I can tell you that I use soy products (mostly tofu) to control my peri-menopausel hotflashes and it really makes a huge difference! I eat it several times a week - several ounces, and when I do, the hot flashes are gone. Otherwise, I have several really hot ones, each day. I read about this and have used this for several years. Amazing results. I am not sure of the effects with Lupron - perhaps a nutritionist who specializes in alternative/health treatments could help. I'd encourage you to check this out. My Dad (who is battling ca - with radiation at this time) may have to head into the hormone therapy eventually, too.
Best of all to you and yours. L.Marc

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I have had Lupron therapy, yes your doctor can prescbibe a pill that will control your hot flashes and night sweats. Roger Kesterson

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I didn't like the pill the doctor prescribed to me i had a lot of fast weight loss already and couldnt afford to lose anymore weight.

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