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pancreatic cancer

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my mom was diagnosed with pan can in october 2001. after a failed whipple she received a bil.bypass because of her blockage in the bile duct. after and still recovering from the failed whipple at duke university medial center she has undergone 31 radiation treatments and 6 weeks of chemo 5fu to enhance radiation treatments. her followup ctscans are to be done in 1 week. she has lost a minimal amount of weight 5lbs.or less and her appetite is good. her fatigue and pain level continue to be high but her spirits are even higher. according to her results they are considering gemszaror rfs2000 any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. good luck to all patients and caregivers of this totally ravaging disease. thank you

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I had a Whipple procedure done at Mayo Clinic in the fall of 2001. Since then I have had continuos adjuvant treatment: radiation with 5FU followed by Gemzar. Ca 19-9 blood counts have determined how much and how frequently the chemotherapy occurs. It sounds as if you are following a similar pattern. After successive decreases in the Ca 19-9 for the year 2003, I have just recently bounced that number up again and, should the next test continue in that direction, I will have to make a choice as to what treatment could follow. I am not optimistic about anything that I have been offered. Best wishes for help wherever you are. Don

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How are you doing Don?

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What is a good C19-9 count? We are just going for the blood test on Monday and I was just wondering what is good and what is bad.

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I took Gemzar in 2005 for lung cancer and it was NOT a bad chemo. No hair loss, no nausea, only mild symptoms that were taken care of by other meds. I have a friend who is on it now for inoperable Pancreatic Cancer and she is still on her feet with 90% of her hair and no nausea.

Please let me know (on this site) if you find any clinical trials for pancreatic.

Thanks and God bless you and your Mom.


PS I'll be 5 years on May 9, 2010
My husband, Joe, will be 7 years in May 2010 as well! Keep on fighting!

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This info on pancreatic trials was sent to me by an other member on this site. You might find what your looking for for your friend.

trial; http://www.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials/Taking-Part-in-Cancer-Treatment-Research-Studies/page3

You might also try pancan.org

I myself had stage 3 pc. I had Gemzar and it did work but I had almost every side effect that Chemo had to offer. It wasn't fun. But I will say that I saw people with little or no side effects either while taking gemzar. It effects each person differently.
Bottom line is... It worked! 15 months cancer free!

Take Care and GOD BLESS!

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