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New NAtural treatments

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Hi everyone. I am currently on Taxotere as you mostly know. I have had 3 cycles now am much improved. I am moving more freely & have dropped down my morphine doses by half. Wonderful news. I am also on Aredia which I am sure helps too.

HOWEVER - what I really want to share is some new natural remedies I have been put on to by my naturopath. These produts are US based from a reputable company called Nature's Way based in Utah. They sell worldwide. The produts are
1. Myco Defense - These capsules contain the extracts from 12 different types of mushrooms including Chaga - an old American Indian cure for cancer. The product has been tested scientifically. It has been shown to enhance the effect of natural killer cellls & to shrink existing tumours & prevent the spread of cancers to new areas.

2. Cell Mend IP6 - (contains Cats Claw & Inisitol) also shown to have similar effects to Myco Defense & to imprive results & lessen the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation therapy. I have been taking these for a month now & feel so good. I am taking so many things that I am not sure what is working but what the heck I don't care as long as it is. Check it out on their web page & give it a try if you are game They have been around for 20+ years so are not new to the game or rip off merchants & they are available in all health food shops. They have an extensive range of natural stadardized products of very high quality. Love & hugs to all of you who give me so much support & strength to go on.


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Hi Pam! Glad you're feeling so much better! Thanks for the info . I'll look into it. Take care. HUGS!! Cathy

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