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After Radiation and Chemo

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Hello, I have just joined the group, five years ago I had squamus cell carcinoma on my tongue and had about 20% of it removed surgically after which the cancer was gone. Five years later I developed a new spot above the original area that was cancerous as well and this time I had 43 radiation treatments and five chemo treaments which were successful in getting rid of the cancer. The treatment were over in June of 2001 and after about a month I was feeling pretty good, my tast buds had come back almost 100% and the dry mouth was tolerable considering the treatment. In September I got a nick on my tongue just above where the tumor was and it has now progressed into a good size split that is quite painful and not healing. I have had pathology tests done as well as a CT scan and there is no cancer but my mouth feels almost as bad as it did when I was undergoing the tratment, talking and eating are difficult unless I take something for the pain. My dcotor's are unable to rectify it at this point and I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar to this. I would appreciate and information that would be a help Thank you. Maryalice

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Have similar cancer with partial tongue removal etc. About 8 years ago I had Radiation treatments then surgery. My mouth would not heal. The doctor as a last hope tried hyperbaric oxygen treatment. 2 months of oxygen treatment 6 days a week. It worked! My mouth finally healed. The treatments, witch are used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning and wound healing for diabetics, are painless, just boring. You lay in a sealed chamber which is presurized with oxygen. After 30 minutes you are done. You can either sleep or watch television.
Wish you the best of luck!

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