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Questions about Echinacea

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Has anyone taken Echinacea during chemo? The physicians assistant told me it's OK to take it and it does give me some energy but I would like to know how long to stay on it. I read somewhere if you take it on a daily basis for an extended period of time it will actually weaken your immune system. The physicians assistant did not know anything about this. Also the instructions on the bottle says not to take it longer than 8 weeks if taken on a daily basis. I would like to take it on a continuous basis since it does give me some energy. Does anyone else take Echinacea while taking chemo? Also does anyone have any info on taking it for extended periods of time?

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During the time I was having chemo, I read that it was better not to take any supplements except something like a daily multivitamin. This information was from medical doctors and nutritionists. Chemo should not be interferred with - take the supplements later.

Physicians' assistants have less training than an R.N. and a lot less than a nurse practitioner.

Hope your chemo will be effective, and 2002 will find you in better health.


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I have read conflicting reports on this alternative. It has been stated that those with supressed immune systems shouldn't take this natural health product. Sometimes those of us who have had chemo and radiation have supressed immune systems for long times. Some Never regrain their immune systems back to normal.
I think that we must explore alternative therapies but must have some good testing to turn to and unfotunately there often isn't any in the health food, alternative therapies and suppliments
I on the other hand checked out Morinda's Tahitian Noni Juice. Lots of research and testing done on this fruit. An all natural fruit juice product. Another source of fruit for our diets to boot.

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Dear Sylvia:
I guess the answer to your question could be handled in numerous different ways - depends on who you ask. Some doctors don't believe in supplements at all. I know for a fact, that my blood count never dropped below acceptable levels during all my chemo treatments and I give credit to the supplements I am taking. I didn't ask the doctor, just went by what other people who had gone through it had done successfully. In Georgia, a Physician's Assistant has alot more training than an R.N. - my niece who is an R.N. thought about getting into this field. They can write prescriptions, etc.; that nurses cannot do - so it depends on your state and what the rules are.
Echinacea is suppose to work well for two weeks or so before it might build up toxins--that is always your main concern when taking supplements - if they can build up to the point of toxicity. I know vitamin A can and a few more. I bought a book on Herbs and Vitamins and what they do best for different problems and some history on their benefits. It is well worth the investment. I believe in herbs potential in aiding our immune system. I have read too many testimonies to this fact, not to believe in the natural healing powers of nature. My friend, Sonja, that I have talked about before, is also living proof in herbs, etc. power to rebuild and strengthen the immune system. I have lived in remission much longer than the medical team thought possible - so something I am taking is making a difference! The doctor doesn't want to hear about it - prefering to believe it is all in the meds he gives me - although he can't explain why 3 other ladies with my dx. and made at the same time didn't make it over 6 months (they did not take any supplements at all); and several other ladies and myself who are on supplements are doing well for now - that is why I promote the use of anything that can help restore the body's own defenses.
Good luck and God bless you.
Hugs and prayers,

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I was told that taking echinacea for more than 7 days in a row can build up toxins in your system , and just not do you any good. I only ever used it at the onset of a cold, for about two or three days and it cut my recovery time in half. During my first round of chemo, A/C, I was taking vit c, selenium,milk thistle, salmon oil(omega 3 fatty acid) green tea and flora essence. my tumours had shrunk a great deal at the time, and my Drs did not care if I took this stuff. But then my tumours started growing, so I went off the supplements thinking that they were interferring with the chemo, and since then the tumours have grown out of control, so now that there is no other chemo for me I am taking green tea again, selenium and milk thistle. Faith and a good strong attitude are essential even more than supplements, the belief that you will beat this is an absolute must to get over it all.I was told that the salmon oil, which is all natural can build up to much mercury in your system, as most fish contains it from the water. As for the noni juice, I have read alot of great things about it, I tried it , it is disgusting to drink, and very expensive to buy, so unless they come up with some substantial evidence that it works, I wont buy it, here in North Bay, it is 49.00 for a one litre bottle, which is only supposed to last about two days!!!!
Anyhow, good luck in your journey and remember to always stay strong and positive no matter what!!
hugs from tiger

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Tiger here again, I forgot to mention Moducare, apparently it does great things to build up your immune system and gives you energy, and there is no time limit on how long you can use it for. I dont know alot about it, ask at your local health store, if you trust the people there to be honest with you.

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Yes Tiger is right the Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice is expensive. Yet, even though I am not rich I have managed to take this natural fruit product for over a year and a half. I have managed to survive a better quality of life than I had been living prior to finding this product. After suffering with most side affects from treatments,I found that I wasn't able to cope with my life as is. I was exhausted from the pain I was suffering with. Once again I was faced with the side affects that the medications have.
I am here to say that finding this Morinda Noni Juice helped me deal with the side affects from pharmacuticals I was taking. After 8 months of taking this natural product I was able to quit taking the other medication. I was able to cope with my life as is with Tahitian Noni alone.
A bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice is $60.00 retail price or join as a memeber and get it wholesale at $45.00/Canadian. If one takes the minimul amount of juice as suggested on the bottle it would last a month. If you are really ill it is suggested that one takes a couple bottles immediately to flood the system and the cut back to a smaller amount. For the first year I took nothing more than the ounce suggested and found incredible benefits. It wasn't till recent problems with my stomach that I increased the amount I was taking. It may not be the answer to all the problems I have but I have come along way since finding Morinda and it's Tahitian Noni. I just hope others could find this product as benefitial as i have.
I have seen some very amazing stories with the people who have bought this product through me. I am a firm beleiver that if it helps it is worth all the money. Think about it, most of us do worse things with 2-6 dollars a day. Some smoke or drink, or eat things we shouldn't. I can't tell you how fortunate I was to find this product no matter how much it costs. I see money being the reason so many people don't try alternative therapies. If one doesn't try things that might help, then one will never find an alternative to what they are already doing, which may not be the magical cure that we all hope for.
I have had many problems through the 5 years of my survival after treatments. I am so glad that I found something that helped me to gain the quality back for my life. I urge others to check into this product that can be found in most of the world now.
Once again if it were to work or help woundn't it be worth it.
My wish is for everyone to survive with quality for their lives.
Be good to yourselves,

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A Good natural healer will chand the herb or supplement around every 90 days and also take a break for a few days to,also there are other herb to take for engery.i drink green tea daily,try to keep my diet 60% raw foods,and also i drink this juice daily(1oz) and i find endless engery.it's called Noni juice the real name is morinda citrifolia and you take it every moring.it has many health benifets and my home page in my web site has a lot of info on it and people talking about it there to. www.tahitiannoni.com/purejuice
if you have any questions just e-mail me ok .see you later and good health.bye


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