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back from doctor

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Well everyone, I seen the cardiologist today. She said things seem alright, but I don't think she had all the info. My ventricle in my heart is enlarged, but the echocardiogram put me on the high end of normal limits. Not sure what to do, I see my oncolgist on Thursday. I am hoping that she will have some better answers for me. THank you all for your support and God Bless you All!


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Hi Carrie. Glad your news is ok. Let your Oncologist determine what the next step is. Have you had an echo before? Was there any enlargement prior to treatment? This may be relatively normal for you. Don't get yourself upset. Trust your MD. He/she will guide you in the right direction.Trust is very important. Thanks for keeping us on top of what's going on. HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi Carrie,

What did your oncologist say ? Are you OK ? I hope everything will be fine. Please keep us updated, and take good care of yourself.

Big hugs from Switzerland,

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