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Please read this

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Cut and paste this into your browser. It is an article on my and my experience with breast cancer that the local paper did on me here in town. Let me know what you think! Thanks to all of you! God Bless you all! Carrie

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Hi Carrie,

Wow ! I never realized you had been through so much pain in your family, before you got sick yourself. I am so sorry to hear that ! Your positive attitude is wonderful, that will be the key to beating cancer. I mentionned two good books lately, if you have a chance, get a hold of them : "Remarkable Recoveries", and "A week in the zone". I really think they can help anybody fighting cancer. You will win, there is no doubt in my mind.

Have you tried Zofran to help with nausea ? For me, it worked very well. (Other drugs were so useless to me I couldn't even manage to drink water).

I wish you the very best, for your family as well. My prayers and positive thoughts are at this minute crossing the ocean towards you !

Love and hugs,

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