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Extremely Tired on AC

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Hi my name is Sylvia. I had my second AC treatment Tuesday August 14. Today is Sunday the 19th and I'm not able to do much of anything. Until yesterday I slept most of the day and the night. I'm very weak and tired. Is this normal? My doctor told me I would be getting probabally 8 treatments of AC. This seems very discouraging to me. And of course after the Ac there may be other chemo's. I am trying to figure out if I should continue with the chemo. I don't know if the chemo will kill me faster than the cancer. My friends and I are making novena prayers to ask God if I should continue with the chemo. I also have to consider what quality of life I have on the chemo when most of the time I can hardly get off the couch. I was just wondering if it's normal to be so weak and tired on AC. Looking forward to hearing from you Sylvia

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Hi Sylvia: My mom just started on Chemo - Adria and Cytoxin. She is so weak and tired all the time. We had to take her to the ER last night because she was so weak. They gave her an IV because she was dehydrated. Force yourself to drink a lot of water. God Bless you and take care. Sincerely, mary

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Hello Sylvia,
Yes it seems a portion of chemo participants suffer side affects and this is just one of a few. I found it took all I had to just get through the days. But I did. WE are truly stronger than we think. Hang on you will get through it.

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Sylvia -
I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time with the chemo but it is normal. I had the same effects. All I wanted to do was sleep due to fatigue and my concentration level was shot so, reading was difficult. But, this too shall pass. Didn't think I could take 6 months of it, but I did...by the grace of God. Keep praying as we will also be praying for you. Hang in there. You have lots of support here.
Mel in Arkansas

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Sylvia I read your bio ... you are a fighter ... you have been battling down this beast for a good long time ... I admire you so much. I realize all the treatments are very difficult but I feel as long as the doctors have something to fight the cancer we should take the treatments. God works in many ways and I beleive he is working through the doctors, nurses and researchers. I pray for them everyday. My thought and prayers are with you. Let yourself rest ... sleep and rest heal the body. Jamie

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