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Testicular Cancer

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Help!!! I was just diagnosed with testicular cancer and am having surgery on August 22 to have the testicle removed. If anyone has any info or has been thru this please contact me. I really need advice from someone that has been thru this..

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i went throught it in 98. after the surgury u will need some to help u out for a few days,cause you wont be able to move very much. they actually cut u in then hair area so tey half to go thru several muscels they so u cant move around alot after but once it heals all is fin. i say watch out for the radiation therapy after if they say u need it.im still trying to fix my intestinal tract to this day from that. and they advise to bank some sperm......if you have the money i say do it for i was rendered steril after the radiation. but i am still alive and kicking so its not that bad really..........

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hi,my husband had one of his testies removed 2 year ago then we found out the cancer had moved into his lymph nodes. the his doctor then wanted to cut him open from the chest down to his groin to remove these,i opted for a second opion, i looked up lance armstrong's website(wonderful resource site!!) then took him to univesity of indiana(they specialize in testicular cancer ) and that doc said they would have done that 10 years ago but it can now be treated with aggessive chemotherapy. im happy to report he just got his 18month free and clear checkup. please get as much info as you can because now we are dealing w/impotence problems beacause of low testoserine levels (he has no sexual desire and its bad on your mental health,low testosterine levels and low to no sex causes mood swings weight gain ,growing of breast tissue,high stress levels.

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Hi. I had both my testies removed 09/17/2001, at 36 years old. I had it easy. I caught it early and have not needed any radiation or chemo (so far). I am single, but tried to save some sperm just in case. It turned out I was sterile anyway. Nevertheless, I was happy to have it so easy, and did not think I needed any support. I also felt like I had it too easy to deserve any support. Well, I am a completely changed person now. My personality is so different I do not even recognise myself, and I do not like the man I have become. My family is supportive, but they too, do not like the new me. I get hot flashes and am extremely irritable. I used to be light-hearted and fun. Now I am grumpy and dull. I am still attracted to women, but it is different now. It is only a mental attraction. There is no physical or internal urge. It is an academic, sterile attraction, because my mind remembers that I should be physically attracted. It is hard to deal with the fact that I know the difference between the two types of attraction but only have one. Not only have I lost sexual desire, but I have also lost all motivation (desire) in general. I am just going through the motions now. The only motivation I have is to keep going to work so that I can pay my mortgage and not lose my house. I had a complete breakdown today that came out of nowhere. So, I realise that I need some help. I got on the internet and this is the first site I found. I don't want to go to a psychiatrist yet. I would rather join a discussion/support group first. Is there anyone out there who lost both testies and is having problems like me? If you just discovered your cancer, I am sorry if I have scared you. This kind of cancer is the most curable. I am just having trouble with the changes that the loss of testosterone are doing to me.

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Your story speaks to me more so because my boyfriend most similarly went through what you are going through. I hope you realize that not having chemotherapy doesn't make your situation any less serious. You're a cancer surivor and that is amazing. I hope you can once again see the beauty in life and recognize that you're still a man with or without your testicles and a better man at that because you were strong enough to defeat cancer. Remember that things always get better even though you see no hope of that now. Just hold on =)

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