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Having trouble with Chemo

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I'm just having a rough time with my chemo. not so much the treatment , but the side effects, the hair loss is really rough and I'm a big mess every day, I know it was going to happen and that lots of people have gonr through it but I'm not dealing with this well at all. any suggestions? TeresaP

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First, don't put any energy at all into worrying about whether you are handling it "well" or not. It's terribly, terribly hard, and you're dealing with it, period. That's really all that matters. Besides, lots of people who have gone through it also found it terribly, terribly, hard.
Cut yourself some slack. Take each day as it comes. If you think of where you want to be, break it up into really tiny baby steps. When I was recovering from my hysterectomy--I felt horrible about myself and my body at the time--at first I aimed for taking a shower. If I could do that, it was good. After a few days of showering, I tried to add something else. (Putting in my contact lenses? I forget the order.)
Congratulate yourself every time you make a baby step forward. Really. If you don't make it one day, comfort yourself.
Not all steps have to be practical. Think of something to do for yourself.
I hope some of this helps! Hang in there. This isn't a contest to see who can deal with it better and who can't; the point is to keep going.

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Try thinking that chemo is a good thing. Think of it as one of your weapons you are using to get rid of this cancer.... It's ok if you're not feeling 100% everyday, your not suppose to. Try and get up everyday, shower, get dressed, put on some make-up (it does help), and if that's all you do that day "Great". Tell yourself it's ok that your hair falls out, it will grow back. Attitude is soooo important on how treatment is going to work for you. And you know what? it's ok that your tired, your body is working really hard in getting rid of that cancer. Try changing the way you think about the whole chemo thing. It will be worth it in the end. You can do it....

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I hope things are a little better now. I went through a pretty extensive chemo six years ago - lost the hair, etc. We are the chosen that will be the strength for those that will come behind us. In the long haul, losing our hair is secondary to the work that's being done on our illness and the other side of issue - what if we didn't do the chemo? We made the hair loss a big joke - that's not for everyone, I know, but somehow it made it easier to walk around with a cap that read "I'm having a no hair day" as opposed to "bad hair". We began to visualize that the quicker the hair came out, (or whatever the side effect is) the harder/better the chemo was working to kill the beast. All in all, our salvation was our trust and faith in God, our support from friends and the assurance from the medical community that everything was going according to plan. I pray that the trouble soon ends.

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