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Hi fellow breast cancer survivors...I was diagnosed in September 2000. Had 17/23 lymphnodes with cancer. On june 11 I finished 6 mos of chemo and 5 1/2 mos of radiation. I felt I was fighting the fight while I was in treatment. I just try to think positively that I have won the battle!!I too am looking forward to walking in October. Keep the faith. SANDY03073

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Hi Sandy I feel like I repeat myself for that I'am sorry. I had 11 out of 14 did 6 months chemo and 51/2 weeks radiation. My onco. said the same thing last Fri. I started Herceptin again Mon. for 1 year and just watch for any changes he said he can tell in some ways through any change of blood counts. So just hang in there I know the feeling of what now? Sharon

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Hello Sandy!
Where are you walking the walk? Is it the 3day in Atlanta? I'm also doing that one. Was diagnosed in March 2000. Went through 6 months of chemo and then 52 treatments of herceptin. We will survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, I had 7/9 lymphnodes positive. I just finished all of my treatments and feel great. I will be walking in Oct too.
god bless you,

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