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Help on melanoma

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Joined: Jul 2001

My mother was 2 month ago found with melanoma and she does'n know ; I need help !

Posts: 1
Joined: Jul 2001

Your mother was diagnosed 2 month ago and doesn't know that she has cancer? Hmmmmmmm..... Are you asking what should you do? Firstly.......tell her! Secondly, get her into treatment. Thirdly, e-mail us back so as to get more information from you. Take care...Baynurse

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I will be glad to help, if I can. I just found the site and created a webpage a couple of days ago. What are your needs? My webpage is titled Dancing Through the Intermissions. Email me if you would like.
Good luck.

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My husband has melanoma, was diagnosed a year ago if you would like to email me and talk please do. Either leave me a message here or email me at the following address


I'd be glad to talk.


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