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Need Someone to talk to

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Hello - I am new to this group, but am hoping someone out there can help with a very special friend of mine who has just been told she has Stage IC Ovarian Cancer. She has had a complete hysterectomy and is now deciding which treatment is best for her. What she would really like is to speak with someone who has actually had chemo therapy. She is in her 60s and is Russian - she speaks English but might be more comfortable with someone who speaks Russian. If someone out there is available, please call me at 404-329-7999 and I can get you in contact with my friend. I greatly appreciate any help.

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HI, How I wish I could speak Russian! I am now 51 years old and went through stage III Ovanian Cancer 10 years ago. Had 2 surgeries and 6 months of chemo. Although I can't speak Russian, I could write to your friend and have it translated into Russian on my computer. The grammer would not be perfect, but it might help her. If she would like to do this, I would be happy to correspond with her. You could also type a message to me in Russian and I can have it translated.
At any rate, please let her know that she is in my prayers.

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Are you saying that you have survived stage III for 10 years ???? What grade of tumor did you have ? I am stage III C and a one year survivor. I was told 5 years was lucky 8 years rare and some 10 years are extremely rare. Good for you !

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Dear Cyndee,
I am also a stage 3 C survivor for one year. DO not believe the grim statistics that people cite. Remember that all of them are very our of date. FOr stuff to get published in the medical literature, they have to follow people for 5 years at least. That means that the treatments were done at least about 7 years ago. A lot has changed in 7 years, and things have gotten better. I think we can be optomisitic. ALso, the longer we survive, the more likely it is that the "sivler bullet" will be developed. Lots of researchers are working on this now!

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Besides, statistics really no longer apply when you are talking about an individual case. They really mean nothing.

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Would she be the lady who was my roommate in my Stanford hosp. room?
I had the same thing happen to me, last Nov.

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