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Wishing you all a happy day !

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There is a beautiful sunshine here in Switzerland. People are mowing their lawns, husband is sneezing, daughter is ...pokemoning ! Thank you Life !

I wish you all a wonderful day, hope you are all doing well.

Take care,

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Hello! It is a good day for me to, here in Ohio. Thank you, and glad you are happy!

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It is a very nice day here in Washington State. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow too. Not as warm but that is ok, I just like the weather to be nice for the Memorial Day Holiday.

Hope you had a nice day. Take care.

God bless you,


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Hi, It is nice in Washington State. 'just returned from sunny Port Townsend...it was wonderful and the holiday is not yet over. Thinking of you...Love, Luckyj

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Hi Cathy,
Here in the mountains (little hills!!!) of West Virginia the rain that was forecast never came. We had glorious sunshine and cool temps.
also sneezing, etc. Roger and I went into the mountains down near Elkins and drove around on little back roads. We played around too long to make it to the tiny village of Helvetia where we had planned to have dinner in the only restaurant. It takes an hour to get in to the village from any main road and things would have been closed by then.

Rog's ancestors from Switzerland hleped settle the village of Helvetia in 1867. his greatgrandfather and grandfather were born in the Bern area and his greatgrandmother was from southeastern Switzerland.

The restaurant in Helvetia is called The Hutte. it is an old house that used to house the telephone office. The menu is entirely Swiss dishes as they have come down in the families who still live there.

I'm glad you had a good day. I had a terrific one. We went almost to the top of our state's highest mountain (only 4800 feet) but got side tracked by an interesting looking dirt road that wound out across a slightly lower ridge.

best wishes, cher

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Hello Cher, Your trip sounded so grand that I wish I had been with you. To everyone reading in today..have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families, friends and loved ones. This world is indeed a beautiful place to see. My eleven year old granddaughter is spending the night and we have been watching a 1945 movie, The Yearling.One of the good old movies for children. Love to each of you, Nancy

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Hello, what a beautiful day we had here in Texas. I worked out in the yard for several hours. Trying to catch up on everything around here from being gone. We went on a cruise for our vacation. What a wonderful time we had. We went from Galveston to Cozemel & Calica. We went snorkeling in Cozemel. That was great. Hope everyone has a great week-end. Judy

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Thank you my friends for also sharing your happiness with me ! It doubles mine ! Cher, your trip sounded so good I decided to go on a hike this afternoon with my husband and daughter. It's great to see you are all doing well. Special hugs to those who don't feel quite as good : I love you, and pray you'll feel better soon !

Big hugs to everyone,

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Hi everyone! Happy Memorial Day. Unfortunately, New york has had rain for almost 2 weeks. It's dreary and wet but the flowers and grass are beautiful. Being we can't do outdoor activities, we'll find things to do indoors. Went to our local dinner theater and saw High Society. Today we'll visit Paul's elderly aunt and family. Hope everyone is healthy. HUGS!!! Cathy

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Hi all - I just want to thank God that I am here to celebrate this holiday with my family. May is my one year survivorship and it feels real good. Here in Pa. we are having rain here and there for the last week also. We have a camper at a local river lot - so we have not been able to spend a lot of time there because of the dampness. I also want to let you all know that last evening I went to my 40th Class Reunion - what a great time I had seeing 38 of my old classmates. We had a little over 70 in our class - so over half of them attended the event. I also thank God for the glory of being able to attend that reunion.
We are smoking a turkey tomorrow for the holiday meal - and all my kids are bringing the side dishes. So, Happy Memorial Day to everyone and let's all remember to pray for families of those veterans that were lost in the wars.
God Bless - Lucy

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I know someone already said that it was beautiful in Ohio..but I figured I could say it again!! I am spending the holiday with my family and friends (seeing Shreck with her kids)...
Have a great holiday,

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Hi Amy,

I lived in Ohio for 8 years ( and now often think of the song from a play "Why oh why did I ever leave Ohio" - really not the title but can't think of the title- and I will add that in my opinion it is ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL in Ohio. !!!!

Where do you live? I lived along Lake Erie in Avon Lake after living in the city of Cleveland - all in the 60's probably before you were born.

Have a great day! Jean

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Hi Cathy & everyone here!!
I had to add my thankful prayer to this list also. It is wonderful to feel good again, and May is my anniversary month for diagnosis!! Did not look too good this time last year, but God's will comes first!! Thank you precious Lord!!! Not just for me but for all of you. I would never have believed you could feel this close to so many people by e-mails.
We have had a wonderful weekend,too; here in Georgia (just south of Atlanta). Gary, our son Mark, and me went to visit our parents yesterday. Got to see a lot of friends and family at church. It was a glorious day because we had it together with everyone in reasonable health (parents in 80s). The weather was beautiful and warm instead of hot and humid like it sometimes is at this time of year. Hope all of you have had a wonderful day and weekend.
Love to each of you and with a spiritual hug from me.

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