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Head & Neck

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I am a caregiver for a head and neck survivor
Would love to meet others

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Hello, my husband has had throat cancer and with 7 weeks of aggressive radiation the tumor is gone. Last treatment was July 10th. do you know if the healing process is slow or what? His troat is still very shallow still on feeding tube and he is very depressed and as a caregiver I'm burned out. I hate not having my husband like he was. If we could just have a light in the tunnel that is does get better. I've tried everything to help the healing process but I'm very very burned out and lonely. Can you give me any advice and does it get better for him? Help, candy

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Hi Candy
My grandmothers boyfriend went thru the same thing. He went thru the radical radiation you mentioned. It turned his tongue black and it shed layers of tissue.
I do not remember how long it took but he did return to normal. Well ... that is, he never did regain his taste or much smell but he is still very much alive and energetic.
Hope this message didn't take too long for you to get. I am new to here and thought I would offer this info.
Hope he is doing well and healing quickly.

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