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Hair Loss

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Hi everyone,
It has been 2 weeks today since my first TAXOL and I am greeted with the inevitable. I thought I was prpared but to see handfulls falling out is hard. How long will it take? My babies are upset and my husband becasue I got so upset. Like I said I thought I had it under control and then ....

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Hi Tracy,

I'm not young like you are - well, not ancient either :-) 63 and thought I could take the hair loss in my stride, but it is unsettling and traumatic - and the hair doesn't completely 'depart' with one treatment. I took the handfills and fed them to the canister vac hose!

Courage and good luck ! Jean

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Hi Tracy, I know it is hard to see our hair fall out. It is so much a part of being feminine. From the time we are old enough to hold a brush or comb, we style and color and perm our hair, all for beauty's sake. I still envy women with thick hair in any style because my hair was always on the thinner side. But Tracy, it's only hair....and it will come back. I bought a short frosted wig in a style very much like my own hair and now I am ready to go anywhere in about 10 minutes...and without hair spray.!!! I think I may keep my hair short and keep the wig awhile. My hair did not ever fall out all together, kept a few stray strands, but I think most of it was gone after three or four weeks. Try to see the hair loss as another step toward good health. The Taxol made the hair fall but it is also killing off those cancer cells in just the same way. You will get thru this more quickly than you imagine and you will be a stronger person than you ever imagined. Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Tracy, well ,Nancy basically covered it in a nutshell!! When my hair started to fall out, I just went to my hairdresser and had her shave my head!! It was fast, and I did not go through the trauma of loosing handfuls in the shower.One fell swoop, and boom, all gone!! Maybe that will make your kids feel better too. I wear a ball cap or a bandana, I tried a wig, but it felt like a dead animal sitting on my head!! But try one, you may come across one you really like.
Just think how cool your head will be in the summer heat, while everyone with hair will be sweating!! Dont let it get you down, it does grow back!!

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Hi Tracy,
I have read that a lot of people cut their hair VERY short
(think Demi Moore) when it starts falling out.
I think it minimizes the big clumps of hair and kind of acts like a step between full head and baldness.. I suggested this to my mom , who has always had short hair. She did have it cut into very short
(almost like a buzz cut) style as soon as her hair started to come out.
She is sending us a picture of that hair do too!
I think you said your twins are toddlers, right? they might seem upset right now, but remember that they are very young and and won't remember a lot of this. I only have a handful of memories before the age of 4 . (i'm 33 now).
Hugs to you tracy!
Remember that better days are coming for you and your family!


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When my hair starting falling out, I went and had it buzzed off. I knew it would be easier for me to get it cut as short as possible and let the rest fall out that way. I couldn't stand the thought of it falling out in handfulls. I believe when it starts falling out, you get over it quicker if you do it yourself. I guess I thought by getting all my hair cut off when it started falling out, that I was in control and not the cancer. Hang in there, it does get better. My prayers are with you. Nelda

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Hi Tracy, I can't say that I know how you feel because I don't but I'm sure that loosing your hair is quit tramatic. That is what I worried about most is if I had to have chemo that I would loose my hair. I didn't have to have chemo though, thank goodness. You know it's funny that most of us women complain about our hair all the time or always want it to look different than it does. Sometimes we just don't know how much we have to be thankful for do we? I will keep you in my prayers that things get easier for you. Hang in there. Judy

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Hi Tracey
It takes about 2 weeks and no matter how well prepared you are it is still horrible.

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Hi Tracy,
I am just starting to see my hair fall out as well. I also thought I had it under control,too. I had it buzz cut, but I'm considering getting it shaved off. It's falling out everywhere and is all over my clothes, bed, pillows,bathroom... It is very thick and this could go on for an excurciating long time. I already have my wig and some other headwear. It's just the agony of the in-between stage that is driving me up the wall. I recently had my second doxorubicin/cytoxin chemo treatment and know it's only begun!

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Ok my husband shaved it. We invited my 2 best friends over for dinner. Then we shaved my head and ate ice cream to celebrate. We put all my curls in a baggie to keep. My 2 year old daughter said I was pretty. What more could I ask for?

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Hi Tracy,
Cj here. i think that I shall take the advice of everybody here and do the same.

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Hi Cj - Glad to hear you are going to do the same thing that I just read from Tracy. That is much easier on you. Let me know how you make out. Tracy - I am glad for you also and hang in there - there will be a light at the end of this tunnel.
Hugs, Lucy

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Hi Tracy..on the adviseof severl people I had my head shaved the moment my hair started coming out. that way, i didnt suffer the daily sight of it coming out, and, I took back control. got myself some hats and scarves and away I went. It became a non issue the moment it was gone. Love Susan

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Hi Tracy,
All the girls are right. It is very difficult to lose the hair but if you take the control and cut it yourself then you feel so much better. I did. Once it started to fall out I shaved it off. I told my mom that I did not want to go around looking like a rabid dog...lol. It was hard at first to look into a mirror cause I did not reconize who was looking back at me. Once you get over it and take the control it is much easyer to handle and once you have it under controll then the family will also. My mom still has a hard time with it but I just would make jokes and it was ok. I did ware a wig for a few times but was not me. It itched too much. Like one lady said it was like having a dead animal on your head. I just ware bandanas and around the home I dont ware anything.
I am all done my treatments and my hair is comming back. Not as fast as I would like but it is comming back.
My husband told me that he loves me no matter what I look like. Bald or not. On the up side look at all the shampoo you save on and hair spray...lol.
My prayers are with you and your family,take care and God Bless.
Many hugs to you Leanne

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Dear Tracy, I understand how you feel - when my hair started falling - my husband cut it short short and shortly after I went into the bathroom with the clipper and shaved it all off. The sink was full of hair and I remember looking up at myself in the mirror. I was hurting but I told myself that "There! I was in control! this was one thing that I was in charge of!" I found a great place to buy wigs @ beautytrends.com. I have several styles long - short - curly - straight. I decided to have fun with it - so when I wake up in the morning I decide "who" I will be today! Its something we can't control Tracy so try to look at it in anyway that will make it easier for you.
Keep up the fight! You are in my prayers...

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HI Tracy - Yes, we all fully understand what you are going through. The second day after mine had started to fall out, I had my beautician shave it off. She did it when no one else was in the shop, and did not let me see in the mirror until she was finished. Then she turned me around to see it... yes, I had a big cry then ....actually her and I both did! But, my dear, that was so much easier than going through the loss for days and days, and days. You can get a wig then, or do the cute little hat thing, or do the fancy scarf thing. I wore a wig, except for when I was home -then I wore a hanky on my head. Just remember that it does come back- as that is the stage I am at right now - and, the curls come back with it. I still have my curls and love them, but they are loosening up a bit. I have not used a blow dryer or curling iron it at all - just loving the curls. So, you have that to look forward to. But, yes, we know what you are going through and how hard it is on us emotionally. Hang in there and God Bless. Love, Lucy

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Tracy remember,
We are hardest on ourselves and don't you have enough to worry about. It is time for you now and we all have our moments with or without this dreaded disease.
The one thing I have found out now about people fighting for their lives is we protect those around us like we always do. We want to spare them our pain and we can't. It is truly their own pain they have to bear because of how they feel for you. We have to be emotional, positivity, negativity, we are emotional beings. Don't hide how you feel he wants to be there for you.
That is why I like this site so much because it is a place to say how we feel. Once out doesn't seem so bad, saying it is half the battle.
Hang in there Tracy
Be good to yourself always,

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Hello Tracy,
My husband buzzed my head on New Years Day
1999. I think it was as hard on him as it
was on me. He buzzed half of it, we took a break and had a good cry in each others arms, took a picture and buzzed the other half.
I bought a couple of wigs but never wore them. My husband and son liked me better without them. I wore alot of baseball caps.
It sure was easier to get ready in the morning!
I had always had shoulder length hair and wouldn't try it short but I was advised to cut it before it started falling out. I did, so it wasn't such a shock. Guess what? We all LOVE it short. I am 43 and my husband said it made me look alot younger, so needless to say, I am keeping it short! It has grown back alot thicker and with more curl.
The wigs they have today are really great, though. I do not have to dress up for work , so that made it a little easier. I know there are alot of women going through chemo but you do not see that many bald ones running around. It's because most have on wigs, I guess.
My prayers will be with you and your family as you go through this. Please let us know how you are doing!


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Today is my #3 weekly infusion of Taxol/Herceptin only?  I still haven't had any hair to fall out and I was advised from my Onc/Rn that I would loose my hair around the 14th day.  Can anyone who has only this infusion advise on their hair loss process?  I do realize we all have different experience Thank you!  The waiting game is the worst.   

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Hi there!!! I have a really good friend of mines who suffered from cancer & she went through an amazing hair recovery process! She found a hair recovery treatment center, they saved her hair that she cut off, and reapplied the hair until her hair was healthy enough on its on! It looks very beautiful now. Here is the link to the website Www.HairWithaCause.com 

I hope this helps & God bless!

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I lost my hair after about 14 days.  I could not stand it being all over the place.  It was a mess, all over my house, me, the car.  So I made an appointment with my hairdresser to get it buzzed.  Prior to going, I went to the park and I combed my fingers through it and huge hunks came out and I watched them drift away in the breeze.  My thought was at least the birds will get some use out of it for nesting.  I did not use my wig.  I hated how it felt.  I wore stocking caps and knitted caps and a sleep cap.  Your head gets tender and it is nice to have the sleep cap for that time.  Now I am just on Herceptin and my hair is coming back in and it is so different.  I am sad about it.  it is not "my" hair I think.  They keep telling me to hang in there and in time my hair will correct itself and it will be alright.  Like the loss of my breast, I do mourn the loss of my hair.  It is natural to do so.  It is ok to be sad over it.  Take a deep breath, be kind to yourself and keep fighting. 



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