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sponsers needed!!

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Howdy ho there ladies!!!

How are you all doing this fine evening?
Well today is Friday and I am going on Monday for my ct results, the funny thing is that I am not even nervous or irritable like I normally am. I will let you know on Monday evening what my results are. I hope you are doing good out there.
The reason I am writing is that I am doing the relay for life here on June 15. It should be a good time, and hopefully raise lots of money. The money raised is going directly to Canadian Cancer research, they are doing some great things at the hospitals in Toronto. I would love if any of you would care to sponser me. If not that is completely ok, you do not need to reply to this, but I will list my home email and my home address in case anyone cares to sponser my walk.

Rosa Moore
43 Market st.
North Bay , Ont
P0H 1P0

IF you care to sponser, you can send a money order or a cheque payable to Canadian Cancer Society.
I know that most of you are in the states, but even Canadian research will benefit everyone if a "cure"is found.
Thanks ladies, and thanks for just taking a minute to read this.
Have a great weekend and I will update you on Monday!!!!
Hugs from Tiger

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Hi Rosa. I'm doing the Relay for Life here in NY on June 1st and 2nd. Have a team of 15 people. This is my 1st year so I'm not into fundraising but will do some door to door visits asking for sponsors. Good luck with your money making. Enjoy your walk! HUGS!! Cathy

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Cathy and Tiger,
I found it easier to raise funds by sending out letters to friends and family. I would also enclose a self-addressed stamped (with breast cancer stamp) envelope to return their ACS check to me. I sent out about 100 letters and was able to raise over $1000 for the last two Relays. Good luck to you both.
God Bless, Margaret

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Margaret, that is a great idea!! I will get some little cards tonight and get cracking in the morning, thanks for the idea!!
Tiger xo

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