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Father just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

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My father was just diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas that has spread to the liver. Looks like they are going to start radiation on the pancreas to shrink the tumor and chemo for the liver.

What can he and we expect?

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Hi Jeff. My Mom has the same thing, pancreatic cancer that has spread
to the liver. My Mom is on a clinical trial of chemotherapy only. The
chemo is really hard for her. It makes her feel very sick, and weak. She
doesn't want to eat anything. She feels depressed sometimes, and says
she doesn't think it's worth it to go through the chemo. But I feel we have
to remain positive for them, and just give them all the love we can. They
have to go through it, but not alone, if we can help it. Keep us posted on
your Dad's progress, ok?

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He has just finished his second week of chemo as well. So far the side effects for him have been minimal but I also know from watching others going through chemo, the side effects get worse as the treatments progress. Seven weeks of treatments and then another ct scan to see what progress has been made.

Fortunately he has a great attitude and is otherwise very healthy so hopefully it will help him get through the treatments.

Your direction of remaining positive and giving lots of love is the same formula our family has subscribed to.


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Hi Jeff,
My mother was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and had spread to her liver also, she was in the last stages of cancer so she went through Chemo to prolong her life. The only thing with the chemo, was it would lower her white blood cells and she would miss most of the chemo appoinments. The best thing to do is be there with humor and companionship to his appointments. When you are always around the sick it's hard to keep sprits up. Take Care

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Thanks for the encouragement and advice.


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My father was recently diagnosed with pan. cancer. We went to Houston and he had 95% of his pancreas removed. he will start chemo and radiation in 2 weeks. He is doing so much better. never give up hope.

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Hello all. I just got back from Virgina Mason Hospital, Seattle WA. I am dignosed with pancreatic cancer.
Im told this has also spread to my liver. Here is what else im told...
Surgery is not an option as if they operate on either the pan or liver one will spread faster, They also suggest no radition as this will also cause the liver to also spread faster.
As i say im new here, this hospital is top notch, but i am seeking all resourses available to me such as this wonderfull board. So im looking for any and all info, especially if any one has tried any of the "alternative"medications and if so what the out come of those were in the instance of pan cancer. OK any and all feed back welcome. God keep you and yours.. Dennis

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can't go into too many painful details. I just lost my dad 2 days ago. Be careful, and TAKE charge. The A.M.A is only re-active (not pro-active) which is not in anyone but their own favor.

If your dad is prescribed an external ambulatory chemo pump, let me know, as I designed a chemo pump carrier called the "ec glide" that my dad wore for almost a year while battling the cancer.

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MY father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he had surgery to remove the tumor and then he went through kemo unfortunetly it spread to the liver and my fathers body was to weak to have more surgery or kemo he was going to die he did pass on but dont get me wrong it is because his body was to weak so it is unlikely to pass on so if you need help or comfert i am here

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Hi jeffp,
My name is Jen...my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in October. But it was too late for him and he died 7 weeks later. It had already spread all over by the time they found it. I hope for your father they have found it in time and can do something about it. The only thing I can tell you to expect is a long ordeal. Have patience and be strong.

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I beleive my father has pancreatic cancer, how is dad? What's worked with you? I hope all is well. We plan on going to MD Anderson have you heard of this?

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helloo I'm cherly from Indonesia..
I would like to ask you anything about pancreas cancer, because right now my mom got that disease, and that already spread to liver also and we still looking for the best treatment for our mom..
I really appreciate your repply and information..

best regards,


Daddys Girl74
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We just found out last Tuesday that my father has stage four Pacreas cancer and has spread to his liver. They started chemo and he's doing really good! What comes next? Are all treatments the same?

Imelda M.

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My Dad was diagnosed with cancer too but one hospital told us he had originally cancer in the lungs that metastasized to his bones but the second hospital we went to said that the cancer was originally from the pancreas that metastasized to the bones. He just finished radiation therapy for the pain. He's now at home so that he can rest before he will start chemo (if he wants to but we still don't know if he will). 

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