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Hello gang. How is everyone doing? It's been a long time since I talked to all of you. I believe I told you that my mom had died on March 8. The next week I just fell apart physically. I guess she was my last responsibility and my body had no more stamina. I collapsed completely. Slept for 20 of 24 hours the first weeks, 16 of the 24 the second week. I believe that I told you that I was moving in with my wonderful oldest daughter and her family. I just couldn't stand living alone any more, couldn't make decisions and didn't want to make decisions, and didn't want any more responsibilities. Well, yesterday, we finished up the move, cleaned the apartment and today I turned in my keys. It was sad in a way, but this is much better. I feel so much better, gaining my strength back every day. I just have to learn not to do too much just because I'm feeling better. Because of that stupid determination of mine, I took a lot of boxes upstairs to unpack myself. I hurt my knee, well really, I just aggravated the arthritis and had bursitis. The orthopod injected it with cortisone and told me to stop the moving, to not bend and to not lift anything. Well, I've been pretty good, but I just can't let my kids do everything for me if I feel I can do it. Anyway, that cortisone is great stuff. I am actually walking now without a limp for the first time in several years. I had no idea how bad it had gotten.

My depression is going away, or at least getting under control. I think living with the pain was a lot of my depression.

I don't want to bore all you guys with my stuff. Tell me about what has been going on with all of you? I sincerely hope that all of you are healthy, happy and peaceful. We have all been to hell and back, some of us more times than any one person deserves. But -- we are fighters and we are winners.



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Jane, I am happy to see that you have moved finally. It will be good for you and your family. If your family wants to do something for you, let them. Even if you feel you can do it, just let them do it, it will make them feel useful. Of course dont get lazy because you need to feel useful too.Personally I hate asking for help, I feel useless if I cant do it myself, but what the hell, sometimes you just got to sit back and say hey can someone make me a sandwhich? I know what it is like living with pain. When I was 24 I herniated a disk in my lower back and had surgery for it at 25. for about two years the pain was horrendous, I was always angry because I could not do anything and would get depressed. I actually contemplated suicide at one point because the pain was so bad, but all of a sudden, the pain eased, my depression eased and I was ME again. My back still bothers me occasionally, but when it does i tell my husband so he wont be upset or offended if I snap at him.
I am happy to hear you are on the road to good mental health, a healthy mind promotes a healthy body. Stay in touch and dont be afraid to let loose on here, we love you and are here for you always.
Take care and enjoy life!!!!!!
love and hugs from Tiger

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Welcome back Jane! We missed you but are glad your feeling better and on the road to recovery!I haven't lost a parent but I can't imagine going through the loss. Our love is here! Keep in touch! ((HUGS!!!)) Cathy

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Good for you Jane. I am so sorry about your mother.
I heard a doctor say that it if the pain of so many cancer survivors was address we would see allot less depression. Unfortunately it took years for mine to be addressed, instead my doctor treated me with antidepressants, not effective since the pain was driving me crazy. I am so glad to hear that you have finally had yours addressed. Life will seem a whole lot different now.
Best wishes to you and your family,

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Welcome Back Jane

So nice to hear from you again. Now sit back & enjoy being pampered for a while. Sorry about your knee. Aren't we just a stubborn lot though. Good to hear from you. Love Pam

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