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I am new to this group. I was dx with Breast Cancer Aug. of 2000. I have been on a roller coaster ride ever sence. I have gone through Chemo, plus Texol and now have to endure 33 treatments of Radition which I am about half way through. I try to keep a positive but sometimes its hard. My doctor told me that he would never beable to tell me I am cured 100%. He said its something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I had stage 2 breast cancer and he told me he wanted to give it all to me where I am so young (38). And so he has. I have had 3 sugurys besides all this. Some side effects I have is... Hot flashes from the Tomoxifin that I have to take for the next 5 years. I have not had a good nights sleep sence I started taking them. The covers go on, off, on , off and that is how it goes all night. My arm swells if I do anything, I still have some numbness due to the Texol that I had. But if thats the perks of not dying then I can live with it.
My husband has been great. My mom has gone to most of the treatments with me cause my husband has to sleep during the day and he works grave yard shift.
I have found out who my friends are and have gained alot of new ones throug this.
Its wired cause when I found the lump a voice told me to check it where and which one. The same voice is telling me not too worry. So far as I am concerened it is all in Gods hands. I do believe God has a purpose for us all and we are put on this earth to learn. Well I am learning in a big way right now.
I am hoping to get back to work soon. What do people to for intertainment when you are not working and not sick due to the treatments?? I have started cross sticthing, read alot and started on a quilt just to keep my hands busy.

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Welcome, Leanne!!

Sounds like you've run the circuit like the rest of us!! We are all here for each other and look forward to your continued input.

So glad that you see things as being in God's hands. I wish that I had a voice telling me not to worry.....actually, my "voice" is that of my husband and also our pastor. I am still searching for that inner peace.

Anyway, back to you!! Where do you work? Have you looked into any treatment for the swelling in your arm? It could be lymphedema. See if you can have a physical therapist help you with exercises, etc. to manage the swelling. As for what to do with your time.....sounds like you are doing plenty to keep busy. I do word puzzles, try to write in a journal, and I have many projects that I have started that need to be finished. Whatever you enjoy doing to make the time go by faster......being on this site is another great way to pass the time.

Hope that this has helped in some way. Glad to have you with us and hope to hear from you frequently!!! Best wishes and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Blessings and hugs.....Wendy

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I find myself always saying I'm sorry you are going through it all. I think you are doing pretty good if you have moments when your not feeling sick. I on the other hand got very ill and it lasted for years. But it certainly is amazing what a year can make in our lives. I can tell you after stage 3, extensive lymphnode disection and double mastectomy life does go on. I still went out the odd time just to say I was still here. I always had to prove to myself there was more than cancer. Now I know there is, much more.

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Hi Leanne, I can relate to the hot flashes. I am also on tamoxifen, started it in Jan. this year. some days they aren't so bad other days they are terrible. They seem worse at night than in the day. I didn't have to have chemo or radiation. It seems I find plenty to do to keep me busy. I work in the yard quit a bit. My husband got the garden planted over the week-end so I will have plenty to do now. He plants it & I get to take care of it since he is gone most of the time. I sew some. I haven't done any cross stitch in a long time. I go days & days & never relax then I may sit for two days & read & do nothing else. I haven't been working for the last several years so that part isn't any different. It is nice to be home but I miss being with people. I haven't really met many people here. I am going to check on doing some volunteer work or something so I can at least get out some. We live in a small town so it is kind of limited on things going on here. Good luck to you in your treatment. Judy

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