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Stage IV caretaker

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My sister has epethelian ovarian cancer (clear cell). She has been in remission for three years but it is now back in full swing. I will be taking a leave of absense from my job and staying with her. What sort of reality should I prepare for and how can I best support her?

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I'm writing to you because I lost my best friend a year ago April 22 from Ovarian cancer that returned after three years of remission. It came back in her liver. I don't want to bring you down with my note but we thought after 5 treatments this time things were going well. But just before Christmas 1999 we found out the treatment wasn't working after all and they started a new protocol. One thing we did find out is that two or three of the treatments were not full strength. Her blood counts were borderline so they gave her weaker doses. We didn't know this until December when it didn't seem to be working. I took care of Sharon from June to April when she passed away. The only thing I can say is spend a lot of time with your sister and don't let them give her weaker doses of chemo if at all possible. Those cells are pretty smart. We kind of feel this was part of the reason that the cancer started spreading again. The cancer outsmarted the drugs and got going again. I wish you and your sister the best. Do as much fun stuff as your sister can stand. Enjoy each day and have the courage to laugh and remember the fun times together. Good luck. vsully

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Did she have Stage IV before? and then it came back? My mom was just diagnosed with Stage IV and I'm looking for hope that she'll be ok..Please let me know..My mom goes once every three weeks for chemo and then she'll have surgery to remove her ovaries, omentem, etc..She isn't sick from the chemo at all.. Just vary tired.. She stays home during the day by herself. I try to have someone there during the day right after her treatment when it's the worst..But a few days after she's ok... I live at home, so I'm there every night.. I'm so scared, but I try not to let her know. The absolute best thing for you to do is go to the Johns Hopkins website and print of the Ovarian cancer success stories.. people that have this want to know success stories from people that have had the same thing.. not breast cancer or skin cancer.. These stories are truly inspiring to her.. and I believe she'll be in remission soon because of them.. All factors contribute to her immune system.. Also, make dinner for her ..she'll eat with you but maybe not on her own.. Go for walks to boost her system.. Please let me know how everything is going.. Take care.

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