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No Subject

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I was diagnosed about a month ago with a primary brain tumor astrocytoma. It sits on the motor skills part of my brain. I have beeen in radiation treatments for about 5 weeks and have 1 week left. I'm still scared and looking for some one to talk to.

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Hello Robyn.... My name is Laura although my cancer was in a different area I wanted to offer my ears for listening. I know how scary it all can be. I'm a 4 year survivor of Breast Cancer and I just wanted to offer support and prayers.

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Hi Robin im new to this room and also had brain canceI have just finished surgury and radiation in November id be more than glad to help you with anything i can. Feel free to ask ANYTHING! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hi Robyn: I'm almost to my 3rd anniversary for my Oligo-astrocytoma. I was a stage 3 at the first surgery. I took the full 6 weeks of radiation and then on to 6 monthly cycles of chemo. This last Oct. I had my second surgery and the dr. implanted the 8 chemo waffers. It's not fun...but can be survivable! I'm here if you want to talk. How old are you? I'm 48. - Mary

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Hi Robin,
My name is Terri. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in June of 99. I went through chemo & radiation treatments and radiation implants. I just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you and my prayers and thoughts are with you. If you need to talk you can e-mail me at maddiecam@hotmail.com hang in there. Terri,

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Hi, robyn
I was diagnosed in '99 with an astrocytoma grade 2. Since then i've had 3 brain surgery's, radiation, and chemo because of recurrance. This 3rd operation they were unable to remove all of it because it's in the same area as yours. I was told to look into using the Gamma Knife. So that might be something that you would want to look into. i might be going through this soon so if i do i'll let you know how it turns out. if you decide to go that way before me then you can tell me what happens.


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hello my name is Raechelle. I was diagnosed with an astrocytoma on sept.17 of 01. I had 2 brian tumors. I have had 4 surgeries. I had my first one on 9/19/01. right after that i started to hemmoraged and they had to go back in on the 20th. They found another one on 2/5/02. So they watched it and i thought it would be best that they took it out. So on 8/6/02 i had my second tumor removed. the surgeries went great. Then i was setting around one day and my incesion started to bleed and pus started to come out i called my doctor and they said that they would have to go in and do something. They thought that one of my titanium screws was infected. They went in and it was somthing totaly different. my fatty tissue was infected bacteria got in there and started to tear away my fatty tissue. It was right over my bone flap. they said if they didn't get it out sooner they they would have to put a metal plat in there because the bacteria would have ate my bone flap. I have been throught a lot. But i got throught it. It really opened my eyes to new things. I had alot of people who loved me and they where always by my side. I also had my faith and i new that everything would be ok. I would be glad to talk to you. My screen name is Shellyleigh00421@aol.com. I would be happy to talk to you. I would like ot talk to you. no one want to talk to me because they get scared. so please e-mail me and talk to me. Thank you.


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Hey, I am a 46 year old female diagnosed in Oct. with a grade II oligidendroglioma. It is in my left front temporal lobe. I have had 2 surgeries, they claim to have removed 90-95% percent of the tumor, I then had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo(Temodar)..and have been finished with treatment for about one month. I am doing well, I think. I have some weakness and fatigue and clumsiness and some vision problems...but all in all I am doing great!! You will go thru so many stages, but to me the one constant is the fear. I have vowed to put the fear aside and live each moment as it happens!! Good luck and love to you!!!

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