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Last scan showed 2 tumors are half the sz. they were;

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But the Adrenal tumor is the same. At least it has not grown. I am going for my 5th Chemo treatment 3/23/01 , after the 6th ,will have another scan.

I am having allot of bone pain 2 days after Chemo and it has almost reached the point to where I can hardly walk and also I am out of it for 9 to 10 days. The DR.is having me try a herb called "Glutamine" Sure hope it helps as I am not looking forward to that overwhelming pain again.

I am looking forward to those tumors being zapped though :) so just need to go with the flow here and be thankful for the 11 days that I feel human again.... the Last visit with Dr.said we looking forward to Xmas now instead of April ( thats how long he gave me to live if Chemo did not work). I am already planning my Easter meal and having all the kids and grandkids over :)....Ginger

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I am a caregiver of my husband who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer metasticized to the lungs - as surgery and radiation are out of the question he has just had his second round of chemo (1 x wk for 7 wks). He's been told 4 months if he doesn't react to the chemo. He couldn't eat after the first one for 5 days. Now he's had his second yesterday, not eating, just sleeping. He's getting very thin. He shuns any attempt i make to talk, feed him or anything. Having been thru this, can you tell me is this normal? Appreciate your help and now you're in my prayers.

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Susanjean, it has been a month since you posted your question.
I guess by now we know the chemo keeps them pretty nasueaus
and it's hard to get them to eat. How is your husband doing?
My Mom just had her third chemo this week, and we are so
hopeful that there will have been progress. I'd love to hear
any messages regarding progress, or even dissappointments.
It is possible to get through this cancer. My heart goes to all
of you. Keep posting.

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Depression is very normal, believe me! It is a terrible thing to have to face and accept and extremely hard to talk about until you have accepted it. Please continue to give your husband all the love and support that you can, he is not really shunning YOU, he is only coping in the only way he sees right now. I know it must be terribly hard to be in your shoes, but try to keep your chin up, no matter how distant he may seem, he needs you and your love and support, even if he appears to reject it. You are in my prayers.

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