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New DX

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I have just had a modified rad. mastectomy with a reconstruction. I expect a report from a pathologist anytime. I don't know what my prognosis is at this time. But does anyone know if it is common to have parathesias(or abnormal sensations) immediately after surgery. I have what feel like electric shocks that come and go, under my arm. Is there anything that will alleviate this? My Dr. is concerned because I have not had an emotional breakdown about my cancer. But I have accepted it, and now just want to deal with each problem as they arrive. I have accepted that I may die, I only worry about my family and not myself. Am I really that abnormal? I have been a nurse for 25 years, so I have seen a lot of death, Am I in denial?

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I don't think you are abnormal in your reaction. I am 41 (for another 2 weeks!!) and was diagnosed with breast cancer only 4 weeks ago (1/23). I had a modified radical mastectomy on 1/26 and began chemo on 2/13. I am just happy to finally be "doing" something to irradicate it from my body. I seems like things have happened so fast, but I think that when we heard the word "cancer" our first thought was to do what ever was needed to get rid of it--NOW. I have had times when I have cried and wonder if I will see my new baby (almost 6 months) grow up, but my husband is there to prop me up and tell me that I will. I do wonder if I will make it and worry about what will happen to my family if I don't. Then I have to stop and remind myself that I must not allow myself to think that way--just make the most of today. I wish you well and hope to "chat" with you from time to time. You mentioned you are a nurse---I'll bet you are a super nurse. I know that I certainly had some real "angels" take care of me during my hospital stay. Take care and hang tough. Rely on your family, friends, and God. As my Pastor has said---"Live every day as if it were your last, but believing you will live to be a hundred!" Hugs and prayers--Wendy

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I'm cher. I had a bilateral mod.rad in early December, and by one week after
I was having the electical shock from nerve endings that were trying to meet
their missing mates. (I know that is a flamboyanmt way of saying it, but my entire reaction to
this disease is flambouyant)
I also feel my breasts aching were they aren't. thjey wouldnm't do recon.
on me at the original surgery as it would hold up chemo and radiation.
I am halfway + chemo today on my A/C chemo portion, then four rounmds of taxotere.

(please excues typos..I cut my index finmger on a zofran package trying
to get it open...you would think they would realize that when you need them getting
through four layers of packaging is a little much, especially whemn the
final layer has a "tear here" function that refuses to tear and must be
cut away from the pill.

(whoops sorry for the rant)
Glad to have you here. It is good to see that even nurses have problems
getting answers. I have had so many of my questions answered here.
(sometimes just reading the posts about chemo really helped.

I found that doing an extra set of the flexibility exercises seemed to quiet
the excited nerve endings although sometimes when I was wall walking
up my stee; door I expected it to emit sparks.

hugs and prayers, cher

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Hi there, Tiger here. I also had the little shocks in my arm after my mastectomy, apparently it is nerves trying to regenerate. As for the emotional breakdown about being diagnosed, I did not freak out either. I just accepted it,dealt with it, and said ok, lets kill this cancer. My Drs were quite surprised that I did not freak out that i had to loose a breast, and even more surprised when I found out that it had spread to the liver. But I figured, what is the sense of blatting about something you cannot change? It is ok to feel scared and to cry, a good cry is a very good catharsis. then you get back up and continue to fight. I found that talking to the wonderful ladies on this site, went a long way to helping me, and talking freely about it helped my family and my friends cope, and now we joke about it all. I still get scared, and then I cry or talk to someone, then I dry my eyes and carry on. I have a husband of almost 12 years and two sons, ages 9 and 3 1/2. So dying is just not an option for me. I will beat this cancer, just tell yourself that you will be fine, and try not to dwell on it all. A strong mind and a strong body will go far in this fight. Stay in touch and we will help you through your journey to wellness.
Hugs from Tiger

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HI, my name is Judy. I had the same surgery in Dec. but didn't have reconstruction. As far as how you are dealing with this, everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Being a nurse & having to deal with death a lot may make you feel different than other people do, I don't know. I have had my times of crying until I thought there could be no more tears & then I have had times that I have been so unbelievably strong I was shocked at myself. What I worried about most is that I wouldn't get to see my grandaughters grow up. I am doing great though. I wish you the best. You will certainly get a lot of help on this site, so many caring people here who have been through so much. Good luck to you. Judy

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Hi M, Nancy here. I too have had the splintery pains in my underarm and my surgeon told me it is the nerve trying to regrow. Now I am experiencing the same little splintery pain in my back and chest after a Taxol treatment. This goes away in a few days. I must tell you that at the beginning of my treatment, I was so peaceful that my friends and family worried that I was holding something inside. I wasan't holding it in, it just had not hit me yet. Once into chemotherapy, I had some bad days but I just keep looking to my future when this is over and I am Nancy again. Like you, I know that I may die, but aren't we all someday? Everyone of us will be on this earth until GOD calls our name and that could be any time for any one. You are exactaly right to deal with each problem as it arrives and not worry about the past or the future. Keep in touch with us, we are all interested in you. We are a family. Love to you, Nancy

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