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Stage IIIA Adenocacinoma

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Hi, my husband (age 51) was diagnosed 4/00 with lung cancer. He had 3/4 of his left lung
removed in May and spent the summer into early fall undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.
He is also a insulin dependent diabetic . So far there has been no reoccurance of the cancer
and he is being seen every 8 weeks. He is still very very tired and doesn't seem to have too
much energy. It is very frustrating for him and I wondered if anyone could tell me how to encourage
him to keep his spirits up. He is working full time and by Friday night he just has to rest until
Monday rolls around again. Thank You

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Hi- Mary
My husband had his right lung removed in 11/94 at age 30 (due to cancer) followed by chemo. Let your husband know it takes a while to get the energy back. It is not easy for someone young to have a major body part removed. I'm sure being a diabetic does not help. Can your doctors suggest some type of supplement? Can your husband reduce his hours of work? My husband did not return back to work until several years later.
Through your local hospital do they have a pulmonary rehabilitation program? We did that several years after the surgery and it was a huge help. Ask your Dr.? In addition my husband is now on 24 hr oxygen which has helped a great deal and is nothing to be scared about. I can honestly say he is breathing easier these days. My husbands cancer is similar to Adeno- he is still living after 7 years due to his tremendous attitude and his will to live. Let your husband know there is hope. I tell our doctor that my husband is not like others-
Also take a look at www.alcase.org it is a great source of info for lung cancer if you haven't already.They will send you a lung cancer ribbon pin- I wear mine daily.
Take care- stay strong. Laugh- great medicine.

Jill n' George

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Jill n' George - I just read your reply to Mary and so much appreciated your positive spirit. Yesterday, I found out that my husband has adenocarcinoma, but we still have more tests next week for find out how extensive it is. We are so devasted and afraid, he is only 48 and has never smoked. I know that we must focus all our thoughts on a positive outcome, and we will - but it would sure help to hear some words of encouragement from people like you. I appreciated your info on the alcase web site as I am just starting my search for information. Do you know anything about ways to boost his immune system while we are fighting this? Thanks so much, leslie312

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