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Tiger's Naked Dances

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She must be a witch. They work!!! Full CT & MRI results are mostly good news. There is no sign of any liver abnormality. The lung tumours show "significant healing" (their words) and most of the spinal, pelvic and sacrum tumours show some reduction in size. There are no new lesions. The only problem areas are my ribs. The tumours are large & protruding. They haven't got any bigger but they are not shrinking much either. Also the biggest problem is in vertebrae C7 (7th cervical vertebrae) which has a compression fracture & tumour has pushed through & is pushing into the spinal canal. No cord compression yet (I will be paralysed if that happens) but there is increasing loss of sensation in my left side especially my left foot & lower leg but this is creeping upwards. So they are going to do more radiation. I am to have some on my upper spine on the big machine & some on my ribs on the little machine. There goes my white cell count again. I'll have to increase the colostrum.
Today is MY DAY. My boys (husband & son & grandson) have gone to a Classic Motorcycle meet all day. I have the house to myself. I am playing Andrea Bocelli on the CD (Romanza Album). My face is covered in cucumber gooy face mask to be peeled off when set. I look like the incredible hulk - all green & huge (I've put on 2 kg over Christmas). I am catching up on all my mail & study (for my astrology classes - I've been studying for 2 years now) I went for a long slow walk on the beach this morning. Sunny with a light breeze & nearly empty. Just a few sail boats until some hoon on a jet ski came thundering past. John has set up the lounger in the back courtyard & I shall retire to that (under the umbrella) later with a good book. Currently reading a guide book for Canada but have just finished a Michael Crighton novel. Then I am having lunch with a friend at the local Starbucks. The family will be back around 6pm but they are only getting a salad for dinner. THIS IS MY DAY.

Love to you all & thank you so much for your prayers, dances, candles & just plain old fashioned love & caring.Pam

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Does your radiation site have the kind of equipment that can zero in on an area and not blast too much the surrounding area? Enjoy your day - you deserve it. I have lived on the North Shore and it is beautiful. Love - Debw

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Pam - That's wonderful news. Tiger is a witch, but a good witch like Glinda in THE WIZARD OF OZ. Good luck with the radiation. By the way, it sounds like you really know how to enjoy a day to yourself. Can I come stay with you? jane

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Hey Pam, dont want to say ' I told you so' but what the heck!! " I told you so!!" one step at a time is what it takes, and you are doing beautifully. If you want to watch a good movie and scare the poop out of yourself, try "What lies beneath" with Michelle Pfiffer and Harrison Ford, I watched it last night with a friend and her two teenage daughters, we were curled up under the blankets, with pillows to our faces and screaming like a bunch of kids!! It was great, i loved it. It is not gross, very suspensful, keeps you wanting more. Not a mind game type either, I dont like those. Well, sounds like you have the relaxing bit going on quite nicely. Good for you.
Hugs from Rosa xo

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Pam that's great news about your scans. Will keep up the prayers.
Love Margaret

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I listen to more Mozart than any other composer. I find his music uplifting when I want it to be, meloncholy when i want it to be, soothing when i want it to be. And I, too, love the quiet outdoors and feel quite affronted by things like jet skis, skidoos and barking dogs. Children playing never bother me. I have never tried green goop on my face. But i did start piano lessons when I was 27. Got to Grade 3, then 18 month old twins would just never let me sit on the piano stool alone. I feel that grade 3 was one of my most significant accomplishments, because, unlike other accomplishments which were easy for me, it was haaaaard! and just before this all happened to me, I had started taking singing lessons. From childhood I had been told I could not sing, but i really suspected that was wrong. I had three lessons,, and have learned that I have perfect pitch, and a lovely strong voice. By third lesson I sang Amazing Grace from a stage, using the microphone. Only an audience of one, but I have to say that was one of the biggest thrills of my life. And like a little child, that we all still are, I wish my father could have heard. He too was passionate about music, and it would have amazed him to hear me sing like that. I plan to take it up again when I am thru all this. Tumours? Let your doctors worry about those...you enjoy the beach and the music. The green goop....well..I dont know about that...you look better to me without! I will arrange for murder of jet skier. And look for Merritt in Canada guide book. Wave to me. Love Susan

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hey, that is good news.
Hope you enjoyed your day to yourself. sometimes they just come too infrequently.

I'll keep praying for the still troublesome tumors.

hugs and all, cher

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