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experimental treatments

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My dad was diagnosed with bladder and colon cancer and right now surgery is not an option. What types of treatments is anyone aware of and what are the success rates?

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Jill, one of the best places to start looking is the clinical trials search engines. I don't know of any trials offhand that would be available based on his situation but I would check. You can get an extensive list of them in the Colorectal Cancer Network weblibrary http://www.colorectal-cancer.net

The other thing I suggest is that, if he has not seen someone at a NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center he should immediately set up an appointment to be seen at one of them.

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-Priscilla Savary
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If your dad has a tumor that can be seen via CT scan or PET scan, I suggest Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. They have had great success in killing tumors using an IV treatment of antineoplastons.

Good luck. Lindo656

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