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So very, very tired

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I need some encouragement. does anyone else have this dreadful weakness and tiredness with chemo? I have got to the point that even five minutes doing something, like washing some dishes, or having a shower, totally exhausts me.I feel as if I am going to keel over. I am just about despairing. have never esperienced anything like it.My family keeps feeding me all good things, so lack of nourishment is not the problem. And WBC doesnt seem to be the problem. Just need to hear that someone else is as helpless. love susan

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Hey! It's Maggie. I felt the same way after each of my chemo's. The best thing to do is rest and let your family take care of you and your home. You don't need to wear you self-out. What are your red-blood counts? Your iron could be low. take care and you are in my prayer. love, Maggie

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Hey Sue, I know it really sucks being that tired, I used to get so frustrated because I could not even walk to the bathroom without getting exhausted to the point of falling asleep while peeing!! Maggie is right, the best thing to do is rest and let someone else look after you. It is hard to do that,especially if you are an independant person like me,but it gets to the point where you just put your pride on the couch along with your behind!! Believe me it does get better, and the rewards are endless. Snuggle up under some blankets and sleep , dreaming your cancer away,then boom, one day you will be all done and supporting someone else who is feeling as you are now. You have done that for me many times when i felt low,so here is a big hug.
Take care and let yourself be pampered!!!!!
Hugs from Tiger xox

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Pam, you nailed that one on the nose!!!!
Hugs Tiger xo

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Tiger and Maggie expressed it quite adequately. Brushing my teeth used to put me to sleep. I'm all over the chemo now, and I still have a certain amount of fatigue, but nothing compared to during chemo. I believe the fatigue will all go away after all the reconstruction procedures are done with and you reach a certain goal of being cancer-free, meaning the high stress is gone. Hang in there, you will make it through. Sleep as much as possible, lay around and pretend you are the queen bee. Let your "worker bees" do it all for you. We all do understand. Love, Jane

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Dear Susan

When an animal is sick it finds somewhere to curl up & lick it's wounds until it is better. It's only us stupid humans who seem to think that we must carry on as usual and it's only the female of the species that would try to. Centuries of programming to cope is the problem. Just remember your body has been injected with a poison. Not only is it killing the ******* beast but is taking out a fair few good cells as well & your body needs all the rest it can to recuperate. Take plenty of nourishment & supplements especially colostrum & iron & selenium & rest, rest, rest. My onco says I have to learn how to be a lady of leisure for a while & allow others to help me. Besides it helps the poor male of the species as he thinks he is "doing something". So relax & think those cells dead. Praying for you. Love & hugs. Pam

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Hi Susan,
Just 12 hours past the first treatment and I have a definite feeling that I will sleep through today's radiology consultation.
Luckily I have friends driving me north to Washington, and my hubby and
friends there to get me home.
I wish I could just stay in bed today.
No nausea, just rubber legged exhaustion.
you are in my prayers for a boost of energy

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Hi, Susan and all of you,
let me apologize in advance for the typos because my fingers won't even go
where I send them.
I too am exhausted (1st AC on 1/9) the Zofran works great but some one
should bottle it for alcoholics.
However so tired I just can't do anything at all. Letting in the dog wears me out
Will keep you in my prayers all of you if I don't fall asleep saying them.
God knows, we can be so thankful for that.
an aside, my one spiritual advisor fell asleep writing to me this morning
after driving about 5 hours to pray with another sick woman, he emailed only
the subject line, nothing else.
love to all, remember sometimes the tiredness gets the caregivers too.
sleepy, cher

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Susan ~ Hang in there! It is worth it, knowing that by being tired your body is fighting this disease! I couldn't even lift my head off of the couch after each treatment, and opening my eyes even exhausted me. But about 5 weeks after my final treatment I noticed my energy level was improving and that was like sunshine on my face! You will get to that point, too. In the meantime, help your body combat this disease by resting all you can and putting yourself first. Love and prayers to you ~~ Jody

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