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A close friend of mine has Stage IV prostate cancer, with a metastasis to the hip. He is very concerned about taking hormones, in relation to "growing breasts" and the impact of taking hormones on his sexual function. Does anyone out there have experience in taking hormones for prostate cancer? Can you share your experience with us to help him make the decision of whether or not to take hormone therapy? Thanks so much!


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    I have experience with hormone therepy using the drug Lupron, it consisted of 2 Lupron Depot 3 mo shots over a 6 month period for the purpose of turning off the testosterone and to shrink prostate before Iodine 125 seeding. e-mail me.
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    I am on hormonetherapy with stage 3.Effects are total impotence and loss of libido.
    Breasts were growing a bit in the beginning.But that was stopped by radiation therapy.I do not know another therapy.
    Good luck