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liver cancer

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Last week my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer, adrenal cancer and lung cancer. The cancer originated in her lungs. There seem to be a number of success stories on the web about beating all types of cancer but none on beating liver cancer. Does anyone have a success story. The doctors have said she just has a few months and she's opted for chemotherapy. We are wondering if she should risk the chemotherapy or just enjoy the time she has left. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Hi Marlyn...

I am sorry to hear about your Mom. Have the Doctor's said whether or not treatment would help her to live longer and possibly kill out the cancer?

My husband is 40 yrs old and Oct. 13 he has surgery on his colon to remove a mass. Turns out it was cancer and has already spread to his lymp nod system. He is in stage 4 because their is now cancer in his lungs and liver. In a months time the tumors in his liver have gone from the size of a dime to the size of a nickel. His Doctor is giving him a treatment plan. Dec. 2 he had his first chemo treatment. He is getting two kinds of chemo every saturday for four weeks and then will be re-examed. Hopefully the treatments will wiped out the cancer. The cancer he has is an aggressive type and the Dr. seems to think the cancer will respond well to the treatment and hopefully kill the cancer out. We have a son who will be 6 yrs old in Feb. and our daughter just turned 19 months old.

The treatment is up to your Mom...but if there is a chance the treatment would wipe out the cancer and let her live longer I would go for it. Course this is only my opinion.

God Bless,

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Hi Karen:

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I hope your husband has improved. Mom gets her CAT scan tomorrow to see if the chemo reduced any of the tumors. Let me know how your husband is doing.


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